Nazma Noor recently joined Tecmark as Senior Search Strategist. Here she tells us what her day looks like, what are her hobbies and as a Yoga enthusiast – how we should relax at work to avoid unnecessary stress. Follow Nazma on Twitter.


What does your typical day look like?

My day usually starts with a quick check of my emails first thing, I tend to do this on the bus ride into work, so I know if there’s anything urgent to attend to when I arrive in the office. After emails, I’ll then go over my task list for the day and week – even though we have lots of tech and applications for tracking tasks, I still like to carry mine around with me in a notebook and I love the satisfaction of ticking something off the old fashioned way!

On my task list, you’ll usually find things like campaign planning, research, meetings with clients and internal catch-ups with the team.

In addition to this, I’ll usually spend part of my day digging around in Google Analytics and Search Console for various clients to see if I can spot any opportunities we’re missing or to find a spark of inspiration for future campaigns.

I also make a little time for social media, so you’ll find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram at various points throughout the day.

I think it’s good to get an idea of the hot topics everyone’s talking about and it’s a great way to network – I’ve personally had several opportunities for links and coverage which have come from people I’ve started speaking to via Twitter.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your work?


I get a kick out of running ideas generation sessions, but coming up with the idea isn’t the most satisfying part, it’s putting the plan together and watching as your ideas turn into actual campaigns and measuring the results. That feeling when something goes live and you high-five your team and say “we did this!”

You worked here at Tecmark some time ago, what brought you back? Our amazing team or clients?:)


It was a combination of the clients, the team and much more that brought me back! I’ve kept in touch with Tecmark whilst I’ve been away and seen some of the great campaigns the team has created, so this was a big draw for me, knowing there was something already great that I could add to.

One thing I love about working in an agency, rather than in-house is the variety of clients you get to work with. I’m the type of person that wants to know everything about what a client does and how their business functions, even if it’s not directly related to their SEO campaigns. Whether it’s a client who does something mainstream like selling holidays, to something very niche like a client that makes chemical reactors, it’s all fascinating to me!


Did working in-house change your style of work in an agency?

Working in-house definitely gives you a better overview of how to Search and Digital PR fits into wider marketing plans and the way a company works. I think a lot of agency-side marketers can get bogged down in the detail of their campaigns and I’ve certainly been guilty of this in the past.

So a wider perspective is something I’m bringing with me now I’m back working in an agency. It’s all about getting the right information from the start and asking the right questions so we can see where and how our campaigns can add value and a return on investment.

What do you expect to be learning, here at Tecmark, over the next 12 months?

I have some pretty clear objectives in my new role here at Tecmark and I think the biggest learning is going to be looking at how we can service our lowest budget clients.

I’m also keen to learn more from the other members of the team, everyone has their unique skillset from our Digital PR expert Hana, to our WordPress pro-Joe. I also want to share my knowledge with the team, whether it’s work-related or something more trivial like offering fashion advice!


What was your New Year’s Resolution?

I have a few goals for 2017, so not quite new year’s resolutions, but I’d like to fill up my savings account (a bit boring and responsible I know!) but I bought a property last year and that wiped out everything I had in the bank – I miss having a few 000’s in there so that’s something I’m going to be working towards throughout the year.

I also want to launch a new blog, my old fashion blog has come to a bit of a halt as the things I want to write about now fall into a different topic area. So watch this space, I’ll be sure to share the link with Tecmark when it’s up because links still count for something!

Finally, I’m hoping to treat myself to a completely indulgent beach holiday this year. I’ve already picked out the resort I want to go to (The BodyHoliday in St Lucia) so here’s hoping I’ll get there sometime later this year!

How do you relax after work?

I’ve recently re-joined Manchester Libraries and have been using my library card non-stop! So quite often I’ll nip to Central Library after work to return a book or pick up one I’ve reserved.

When my nose isn’t stuck in a book, I can usually be found on my sofa watching Netflix or Amazon Video. Recently I’ve been watching Mr Robot on Amazon and The Get Down on Netflix.

I also go to a yoga class once a week, and I’ve been getting a workout lately by playing Just Dance with my niece and nephew on their Xbox – the ’70s and 80’s disco songs are my favourites.

You mentioned that you re-joined Manchester Libraries. What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

I just can’t pick the best, but one book I keep returning to and have re-read many times is A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It’s set in the 1950s in a post-partition India and tells the stories of different families all interconnected. I feel quite a personal connection to this book, even though it’s fiction, it reminds me of what little I know of the lives of my ancestors and relatives who lived in India and Pakistan during this time.


What do you think about films based on books? Most of the time people are disappointed as the film doesn’t follow the book as much as expected. What are your thoughts?

I’ve found the version I consume first, is one I prefer! When I’ve watched a film version of something first, and then gone back to read the book I often get that same disappointment that most people find when they read the book first.


And finally, you said you are doing yoga now, what is the best way to quickly relax if stressed at work? Any ‘office yoga’ tips?

A bit of fresh air and a break away from your screen for a few minutes is a great quick fix for stressful situations. The Manchester weather isn’t particularly forgiving, but even in the rain and cold, there are lots of inspiring places to go for a few minutes to clear your head.

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