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GoSimple Tax

GoSimpleTax is an online self-assessment tax software that enables individuals, self-employed, and property owners to submit their tax returns to HMRC without the need for an accountant, or for extra form filling.

They came to Tecmark to see if expert SEO services could give their organic search performance the boost they needed to see serious growth in their paid subscribers.


The Challenge

Since 2013, GoSimpleTax, the industry-leading self-assessment software, has helped over 33,000 users simplify the tax return season and maximise savings. The website was doing okay when they came to us, but they were not getting the returns they expected from such a great website.

Our challenge was to increase organic traffic to the site and increase the amount of paid subscribers before the tax return deadline in January 2020.

The Solution

Tecmark conducted a technical audit to identify and repair any outstanding technical issues, to lay the groundwork for our SEO efforts.

We completed an in-depth content analysis, and created a strategic SEO and content plan for our target audiences, including expanding the “Who Uses GoSimpleTax” section to add several new landing pages and target long-tail keywords. We also adding dedicated tax form landing pages, to increase traffic and authority in this space.

To build up the domain authority and awareness of the brand, we used link building tactics such as building statistics pages that are full of linkable content, around targeted keywords.

We also created a visual brainteaser and challenged the nation to see how fast they could find the receipt on the messy desk, which received excellent media attention, with press coverage in the Sun, MSN, the Daily Mail, the Times, and even more high domain authority websites.



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