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Nailing the Technical SEO foundations of a website is crucial to its overall health and organic visibility, so if you’re looking to get ahead in your industry, you’ve come to the right place.

The How

Improve site performance with the UK’s leading technical SEO agency


Our technical SEO specialists have a trained eye for optimising website performance. They’ll take a look behind the curtain, and conduct an in-depth analysis of page speed, crawlability and findability, user accessibility, and navigational experience.

Without these crucial aspects of technical SEO, even the best-laid content, SEO, and link building strategies can struggle to see results.

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients and websites of all complexities. Using industry-leading techniques, we’ve refined our technical SEO process down to a science, so we can keep up with site wellness and tackle any issues as they arise.

We’ll partner with you in any capacity, whether it’s a one-off project, hands-on management, or consultancy. We’ll provide your team with clear and actionable technical recommendations, support implementation, and provide frequent updates from beginning to end.

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The What

Our Technical SEO Services

Effective technical SEO allows your website to be easily rendered, crawled, and indexed by Google so it can perform at its maximum potential against your competitors.

If you’re looking to get ahead in your industry, you’ve come to the right place.

For the past 14 years, Tecmark has provided clients with technically excellent websites to ensure success and improve their digital presence.

We’ll help you crawl up the rankings with a technical advantage while giving your other marketing efforts a boost in the process.

From in-depth technical and site speed audits to website migrations and penalty removal, our technical SEO agency delivers industry-leading expertise to drive real value and ROI. Discover our technical SEO services below.

The Why

Set the foundations for long-term success
with technical SEO

Search engines respond well to a smooth-running site. Without nailing the technical aspects of your website, you can’t know how well your marketing campaigns could really perform.

Technical SEO isn’t just a checklist, nor is it an extra part of an SEO – it’s essential to improving your online visibility and giving your website the best possible chance of ranking at the top of the search results pages.

Not only do technical SEO services help you rank, but they also help futureproof your site from further issues, giving you excellent technical foundations to build on in the future.


Technical SEO Consultancy

We take pride in our technical SEO knowledge, and we want to share it. We won’t just tell you what needs to be done and give you a fix-it list without explanation. Our technical SEO consultant service is based on bringing you the best technical SEO expertise around to help you achieve your business goals.

We take a collaborative approach to our work with you and help you understand the value of technical SEO opportunities and trade-offs, so you can make successful, scalable decisions for your organisation.

With technical SEO consulting, you will:

  • Get a true understanding of your website’s SEO performance
  • Gain insight into your competitor’s, the market, and what’s trending
  • Learn technical SEO best practices to help futureproof your website
  • Receive a full list of actionable items that will improve website performance
  • Have direct access to a Technical SEO expert
  • Get ongoing support and clear communication throughout

Why work with Tecmark?

We’re passionate about technical SEO and even more so about seeing the results. We value honesty, knowledge, and evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best technical expertise that Manchester and the UK has to offer – not just smoke and mirrors.

Unlike other technical SEO agencies, we act as an extension of your brand. That means learning what a good ROI looks like to you, and understanding how new objectives will affect the next phase of your marketing campaigns. Our approach to SEO is always led by your business needs and agile without compromise.

Our work is always set on one goal: conversions. As technical best practices and SEO strategies evolve, we’ll ensure that both align.

And if something isn’t working, we’ll say so. We’re brand partners, not ‘yes’ people. Tecmark is focused on getting the absolute most from your investment – whether that’s for a one-off project or continuous technical SEO services.

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Technical SEO Agency: Frequently Asked Questions

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to optimising your website and server's technical aspects to help search engine spiders crawl and index it more effectively.

Search engines reward websites that have good technical foundations, including a secure connection, quick loading times, and mobile-friendliness, with improved rankings.

Google favours websites that give its visitors trusted signals, and we know that HTTPS was officially acknowledged as a ranking factor in 2014, so it should be considered to improve any SEO strategy.

Even more pressing however, is that moving your website from HTTP to HTTPS will have a considerable impact if done incorrectly. Moving protocols is like moving domain names-Google will see it as a completely different site. If you're planning on moving protocols, you should seek the help of a technical SEO expert.

There are SO many SEO softwares available to use, it would be hard to pick just one. At Tecmark, we use many trusted SEO tools.

Some of our favourite technical SEO software and tools include Screaming Frog, SEO Browser, GTMetrix, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics, to name a few.

Robots.txt, or robots exclusion standard, is a text file that tells site crawlers and search engines which pages on the site to crawl, and which not to crawl. If you have a lot of pages, or duplicate content, it will take Google's crawl bot longer to crawl, which can have negative effects on SEO, so disallowing unimportant or similar pages is a good way to give your SEO a boost.

A technical SEO audit is a series of checks that can be undertaken to determine the success of the ranking factors you are using in order to improve your site's position in search results - and may also help you to work out how they may be improved.

Search engines use “crawlers” - or specialist bots - to access each page in your website to ensure full functionality. When these bots are unable to reach a page due to a problem with a URL address, a broken link or another problem, this is known as a “crawl error”.

If you see a 404 error code when attempting to reach a page on your website, it's likely to cause problems with SEO. This is because error messages of this kind will convince a search engine that the page in question does not exist - which will prevent it from being properly indexed.

Ideally, the content on each of your web pages should load in under two seconds. This is the absolute maximum, as users are likely to abandon a page that loads slower than this.

Search engines may fail to index your site if:

- You're checking too early (search engines often take a few days to pick up on new pages)
- Your privacy settings are switched on
- Your site was down when indexing was attempted
- Your site loads to slowly
- You don't have a sitemap
- You have an excess of duplicate content
- You've registered your domain incorrectly (you need both www and http or https domains to be properly indexed)
- You're having problems with JavaScript or AJAX content, which is harder to index
- Web crawlers are being blocked by .htaccess or the robots.txt exclusion standard, or you're experiencing other crawl errors
- You've accidentally included NOINDEX in your meta-tags
- Your site has been given a penalty that prevents indexing

You may receive a Google Manual Penalty if your website content is considered to be spam, features artificial or “unnatural” links, has been hacked, adds no value, features cloaked redirects or appears to be using other underhanded methods in order to rank.

A manual penalty often results in your URL being “de-indexed" - removed from search results - or placed way down the listings.

Also known as “schema structured data markup”, schema markup is a type of code that can be inserted into the HTML making up your website in order to help search engines to understand its content and display it correctly.


We build links and generate leads with your customer in mind to help you build your brand and grow your website & business.

Don't just take our word for it...

Tecmark have done, and continue to do, a fantastic job in developing my tax barrister website in 2018. The team are so enthusiastic and full of ideas and energy and are cutting edge in all things digital. I recommend them without any hesitation.

Patrick Cannon

Great to see such a positive picture during the golden quarter and over Christmas. We really appreciate the job you guys are doing!

Joe Carroll
B&M Stores

The guys at Tecmark have been excellent from beginning to end. Their service has been brilliant and AJ has been such a great help in explaining technical info in laymen’s terms. Always available on the phone when you need them. Keep up the great work guys!

Linten Technologies

The working partnership we have with Tecmark has delivered in a tough market. In the early stages, we made it very clear it was about leads and we wanted a no ”˜bull’ approach. The collaborative route has resulted in each party challenging each other but all this combined with open minds has made a massive difference.

Rainbow International

We have worked with Tecmark for over 2 years and the advice they have provided in that time has been invaluable.  They increased traffic to the site by 75%, increasing sales and product awareness.

We’d recommend Tecmark to any business looking to improve traffic to their website.

James Cryne
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