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Improve your brand visibility and capture your targeted audience’s attention with creative and data-led digital PR campaigns.

The What

Our Digital PR Services

Digital PR is different to traditional PR – it’s an online marketing strategy that combines multiple tactics to achieve a variety of results. If you’re looking to increase your online presence, be the expert voice for your industry or show what your brand has to offer – look no further! 

From creative campaigns to newsjacking – PR activity leads to constant communication with the press and as a result, your audience’s attention.

Our digital PR services utilise high quality link building tactics and effective content marketing, working closely with you to help get your brand ahead of your competitors.

At Tecmark, our digital PR experts have efficiently developed their processes to put our 14 years of industry expertise to use, growing brands and winning results for clients.

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We’ve worked with some exciting names to help businesses just like yours to increase their organic traffic and generate leads.

The How

How we do Digital PR


At Tecmark, our 14 years of experience has led us to curate effective digital PR campaigns, comprising of four steps to bring you measurable and impactful results.

  1. Research: We want to be experts on you and your industry. We begin any campaign with competitor research and gain a clear understanding of how the news interacts with your industry. We also take the time to mark out key objectives and ways around any anticipated obstacles.
  2. Creative: Once we’ve got a solid foundation to work from, the creatives get to work. Whether it’s a small campaign based on user-generated content, or huge campaigns analysing data or creating a report. Whatever works for your brand, this process will provide unique and relevant stories that will engage journalists and their readers.
  3. Activity: The team brings these ideas to life with desk research, quality content and effective press releases. They’ll then outreach to relevant publications whilst reacting and adapting to any updates, journalist requests or breaking news.
  4. Reports: Using a variety of tools and processes, Tecmark stays on top of the progress by tracking links. You’ll receive weekly updates and full monthly reports, and we’ll always be planning for any future campaigns.


Digital PR campaigns can feature a number of different tactics, all working together to get your brand to where you want it to be. These snappy and impactful manoeuvres can make a huge difference.

From influencer marketing to making connections at press offices, your existing marketing strategies can be enhanced from simple social media posts to full tactic timelines to make the most of your brand’s expertise.

  • Newsjacking
  • Press management
  • Insights and expert quotes
  • Link building
  • Outreach

The Why

Why do you need Digital PR?

Working closely with a digital PR agency gets you through the difficult door of online media. Connecting with key news writers, digital PR services and tactics will give you results that convert by placing your business on the screens of potential customers.

Digital PR services help to build your brand’s online and offline identity, increasing your presence amongst your targeted audience. By consistently creating engaging and useful content that can be transformed into news stories and press releases, let the media amplify your brand’s voice and share what you have to offer.

As a digital PR agency, Tecmark incorporates a variety of tactics into a broader SEO strategy to broaden your online presence and build a backlink profile that will boost your profile in organic searches.

Whilst digital PR is different to traditional PR, the premise of blending developed processes with creative tactics to drive impressive results is still the focus for its digital counterpart.

From creative campaigns to newsjacking – PR activity leads to constant communication with the press and as a result, your audience’s attention.

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Digital PR Agency: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital PR agency?

A digital PR agency is usually compiled of a team of specialists who have a strong understanding of how to utilise the power of the news for brands. By using a variety of tactics, digital PR agencies are used by businesses to increase their online presence. The specialists within digital PR agencies also have a large network of journalists, bloggers and influencers who they can approach with press releases. Digital PR agencies often have a roster of clients, all with varying budgets, campaign strategies and results they’re aiming for. Most are aiming to earn quality backlinks, a stronger social media presence and improve their SEO.

Digital PR can help your business in a variety of ways and can adapt to support your business depending on where you’re starting from. Various tactics can be combined to generate almost any type of marketing focused results for your brand. The powerful strategies used can improve your business’ online visibility amongst your target audience, and can also place you in the centre of ongoing news stories to build authority and trust within your brand. By using a publishers’ voice, digital PR can communicate your business’ message and what you offer, to drive traffic and generate leads.

Digital PR is effective for businesses and brands that want to speak directly to their target audience and existing customers. As an online marketing strategy, digital PR is comprised of a variety of tactics and strategies, meaning it can be adapted to almost any situation, publication and business. Digital PR is most effective when the business utilising its benefits has a strong idea of what message they want to communicate, and where. Once that is established, the effectiveness of digital PR is endless, as specialists utilise the right tactics to be used to create the biggest impact in the right location.

Digital PR strategies involve a variety of different tactics to achieve valuable results for the brand or business. Most digital PR strategies involve creating a piece of optimised content that applies to the industry or service of the brand. This content is usually created with the media in mind, ensuring it is interesting to readers of a variety of publications, and the brand’s intended target audience. A digital PR strategy will then always include some form of communication. This is often with news publications, with efforts to place the brand or business in the news to build brand presence and authority, along with quality backlinks. However, this communication can also include bloggers and influencers - depending on the strategy’s aims and the business it was built for.

Digital PR revolves around creating optimised content to earn quality backlinks (along with other aims depending on the business). As a result, digital PR can affect a business’ SEO in several ways. By creating content that is designed to rank highly in search engine result pages, digital PR can boost brand visibility. Communicating this content to a variety of targeted publications works to gain backlinks that can grow the business’ domain authority on its website. These efforts often work together to boost the brand’s authority within its industry in Google’s eyes, boosting the overall SEO.

Whilst digital PR and digital marketing strategies and tactics can be interchangeable, the main difference between the two practices is the aim of the activities. Digital PR has traditionally focused on building brand awareness within the industry and the targeted audience. The digital PR industry has also developed strategies to help shape public opinion on the day, or during a crisis. In comparison to digital PR, digital marketing is usually used by brands and businesses that are working to identify their target audience, along with using tactics to drive the target audience to the right place and have the leads convert.

A digital PR specialist can be responsible for a variety of different things, usually taking ownership of a campaign from end to end. Generally speaking, a digital PR specialist researches and plans a strategy before any content is created, getting to know the business and its aims before implementing any strategies. Creating content can involve interviews, data analysis and production, all to optimise the end product as much as possible. Digital PR specialists have to have good communication skills too, as building relationships throughout their career is key to having strong contacts to send press releases to. Alongside this, you’ll find digital PR specialists putting reports together, analysing campaign outcomes and planning for future campaigns.


We build links and generate leads with your customer in mind to help you build your brand and grow your website & business.

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The guys at Tecmark have been excellent from beginning to end. Their service has been brilliant and AJ has been such a great help in explaining technical info in laymen’s terms. Always available on the phone when you need them. Keep up the great work guys!

Linten Technologies

Great to see such a positive picture during the golden quarter and over Christmas. We really appreciate the job you guys are doing!

Joe Carroll
B&M Stores

We could not be happier with the relationship we have in place and the service we receive from Tecmark. It’s an absolute pleasure doing business with these guys. Highly recommended.

Andy Mazey
Managing Director, S R Waite Group

The working partnership we have with Tecmark has delivered in a tough market. In the early stages, we made it very clear it was about leads and we wanted a no ”˜bull’ approach. The collaborative route has resulted in each party challenging each other but all this combined with open minds has made a massive difference.

Rainbow International

Tecmark have done, and continue to do, a fantastic job in developing my tax barrister website in 2018. The team are so enthusiastic and full of ideas and energy and are cutting edge in all things digital. I recommend them without any hesitation.

Patrick Cannon
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