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Boost your online presence and build links with our proven digital PR approach.

Improve visibility, gain press coverage, & generate backlinks to your site

Our digital PR service offering – based within our Manchester-based agency – has multi-faceted benefits. 

It can help you to boost the visibility of your brand in the media, position yourself or your business as an influential name in the industry you operate in; and generate high-quality backlinks to your site at the same time.

 If there’s an article about your area of expertise in the press, we can work towards ensuring you’re the name that’s speaking in that piece too.

If you’ve never thought of yourself as an ‘influencer’ before – start thinking. As our no-nonsense digital PR approach works to build your profile and raise awareness of you and your brand – as well as building links.

Five ways our Digital PR services drive ROI

We know how digital PR will generate lead after lead for your business.

Raise your profile online/offline

We’ll raise your brand’s profile with expert commentary around the topics you can really talk about.

high-quality backlinks

Gather high-quality backlinks to your website from DA90+ websites.

Boost brand awareness & reputation

Generate awareness in the media by ensuring your brand’s name is consistently mentioned both in online publications and print.

A matter-of-fact approach that works

We work with a no-fluff approach to digital PR and link building from an agency with over a decade’s worth of experience.

Build links & raise awareness

Our creative campaigns generate both press attention and links over long periods of time.


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We’ve always had a no-nonsense approach to digital PR and link building. If you need more links to your website, we’ll get you them.

If you need more authority and visibility in the media, we’ll get you that. Our team has over a decade worth of experience in digital PR, and have run many successful campaigns that have achieved coverage in the likes of the BBC, ITV, Yahoo, Daily Star, Express and more

Our main goal is to generate more leads and more business for our clients, and we have a number of proven tactics that help us get there.

We understand digital PR and how it can benefit a business, in terms of both lead generation and also reputation management. We’re passionate about our clients, and we can be passionate about your business too.

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How Can Digital PR Improve Your Brands Presence?

Hire us to boost your brand awareness & reputation

The more people are talking about you, the more people know about you. The digital PR approach we take within our agency is to help you appear where it matters most.

If there’s an article around tax investigations and you’re a tax investigation lawyer, we can help you to appear in that article, reaching your target audience and beyond.

How Can Digital PR Help SEO?

Hire us to raise your online profile.

If you’re featured in online publications, they can have domain ratings that exceed 90. Our strong relationships and intuitive approach means that we work hard to ensure that these publications link back to your website.

The links from these highly authoritative sites help your site to rank higher on search engines.

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Why Is Digital PR Important for Your Business?

Digital PR will expose you to an audience you might never have been exposed to before. Top-tier publications have millions of readers both online and in print, and with the right digital PR placement, they can be reading about you and your brand.

Most industries are extremely competitive, and digital PR can really help you to be more widely known than your competitors and be more visible to your target audience.

What’s The Difference Between Digital PR And Traditional PR?

Digital PR primarily focuses on online media, whereas traditional PR focuses on print and broadcast media. We focus online as digital runs through our veins, and not to mention we have very strong contacts in the online press.

Digital PR has SEO weight and can generate high quickly backlinks to your website, it’s shareable on social media and moves faster. We primarily focus on digital PR, as it’s what we’re good at.

Do you want to know where you most need to improve your link building strategy?

With so many different tactics for acquiring links, it can be difficult to know which to prioritise.

Start here by reviewing your activities against Tecmark’s tried and tested practices.

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