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Media Relations

It’s simple – good relationships with the media result in a huge audience at your disposal who are ready to hear your voice.

The What

Media Relations 

It’s simple – good relationships with the media result in a huge audience at your disposal who are ready to hear your voice.

When your brand works with the media to get your message and mission out to the public, you’re using media relations.

As much as media relations is in the background, it is vital when helping your brand to turn up the volume of the megaphone across the media landscape, and Tecmark’s media relations strategy puts your brand on that platform.

By investing time into journalists to provide them with impactful and unique news stories, our PR specialists have strong working relationships with news outlets, to get the most out of your media relations strategy.

The How

Key elements of successful media relations

If media relations was easy, everyone would do it! Building media contacts and having strong connections with media outlets is not a simple process.

At Tecmark, we have curated processes and working relationships with media that bolster any digital PR or content marketing strategies.

But to have successful media relations, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Media workers are short on time and can’t deal with anything that isn’t going to make their lives easier. We make sure that whenever a journalist is contacted, it’s beneficial to both.


The first step of this is to research your media landscape. By investing some time into understanding all the different types of news outlets, what they’re covering and by who, we can target highly relevant contacts.

When we do reach out, having a clear and easy to understand press release or content, makes the process much smoother. This might seem simple, but removing obstacles for the news outlets improves the relationship and the likelihood of your brand’s message being published.

We don’t leave out the creativity either. Our years of experience has led us to effectively think outside of the box in your media relations strategy. This creative approach enables us to craft pitches that engage and capture attention, and therefore bring the results you’re after.

The Why

How can media relations work for me?

Building relationships with journalists takes time, so let Tecmark take the reigns and do the work for you.

Where else can you find a huge audience that is ready to hear what the authors have to say? By having established media outlets and journalists on your side, you have a doorway into your target audience’s screens.

It doesn’t just stop at the news site either. Media relations can see your brand engaging with a journalist on social media, widening the scope of potential leads, conversions and potential sales.

Media relations also has SEO benefits too, improving your company’s site ranking, as much as your online presence. By building links through coverage, Google recognises your site’s authority and trustworthiness, which is amplified when reputable media outlets link back to you too.

Overall, you’re building your brand’s authority across the media landscape, target audience and online presence. By reinforcing your message consistently through trustworthy news voices, media relations and public viewing work together to place your business in good standing.



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