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Everyone wants to be the expert in their field, but how you communicate your industry knowledge can have a real impact on how effective it is.

Everyone wants to be the expert in their field, but how you communicate your industry knowledge can have a real impact on how effective it is.

Thought leadership has been a concept for decades, but as it has blended into the content marketing space, thought leadership strategies have developed. Turning the simple principle of being a thought leader into a method of driving traffic to websites.

Successful thought leaders innovate and set an industry standard, which in turn establishes an incredibly strong sense of trust in both you and your brand. You have a unique point of view as a business owner and brand and emphasising that with potential customers can have a powerful impact.

This expertise and knowledge needs to be communicated to the right audience in the right manner to be able to reap the rewards. Business leaders can’t share their expertise without a strong platform and authoritative voice.

The What

What is thought leadership?

At its core, thought leadership is having an influence over an industry’s narrative due to the expertise held by an individual or group. With this influence, they can navigate change and improvements, and often set a standard.

By collaborating to create content that emphasises the skills and standing you have in your industry, you can answer key questions from your target audience and build trust. This trust is built by creating thought leadership content, that focuses less on what you sell or provide, and establishes why you are an expert instead.

Once that trust is established, media outlets, customers and even other brands will turn to you for you expertise, solidifying it further. Becoming a go-to resource for journalists looking for an expert comment or insight is an invaluable position to be.

But when it comes to harnessing the power thought leadership can have in growing your online presence, goals and processes are key.

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Thought leadership: Explained

Firstly, establish what type of thought leader you are. Are you looking to reinforce new methods within your industry? Perhaps you’re raising the bar and your competitors are struggling to keep up? You might even just have been around for a long time, and your wisdom speaks for itself.

Knowing how you want to position yourself within the media and its audience is a key part of the planning process. It helps to know what type of thought leadership content you will need, along with how your audience should be approached.

Relaying why you should be trusted as a thought leader is where Tecmark’s tried and tested techniques step in. We approach the press with carefully curated case studies and press releases and monitor any relevant journalist requests.

Consistently showing up with these assets illustrates your brand as a reliable source – something the press will relay to their reader. Thought leadership marketing is a fantastic way to put new eyes on your hard work, but consistency in this is key.


The Why

Why do I need thought leadership?

Ultimately, successful thought leaders who establish themselves in the press and social media often find being part of the conversation extremely beneficial.

Being the face of reliability, competence and setting standards within your industry doesn’t just secure news coverage either. If your customer associates trust and the sense of a thought leader with your brand, they’re more likely to approach you for a product or service.

Of course, if thought leadership is a part of a larger marketing campaign, such as digital PR, it can still have a big impact.

Building on your trust, credibility and authoritative voice will do wonders for your brand reputation, all whilst making journalists and news outlets happy. Soon they will be approaching you for comment and your brand will be resurfacing and reestablishing itself consistently.

Tecmark’s 14 years of experience has led our team to still value what the content can do for readers though. Even though thought leadership content strategies have their single use to improve perception of your brand, the reader must find value in what you’re saying.

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Thought Leadership: Frequently Asked Questions

What is thought leadership?

Thought leadership is the premise of establishing yourself or your brand as the expert in your particular field or industry. It’s usually achieved over a longer period, taking patience and dedication to earn the title. Most thought leaders develop their status by continuously sharing their expertise, new ideas and innovative approaches.

Thought leadership content can take several different forms, and most high ranking thought leaders use a variety to achieve their status, such as:
- Visual eBooks & White Papers
- Webinars
- Exhibits & Appearances at Conferences & Events
- Engagements as a Public Speaker or Guest Speaker
- Media Appearances & Guest Articles
- Video & Motion Graphic Series
- Educational Thought Leadership Content

Thought leadership can be extremely beneficial to brands and businesses, as it establishes a higher sense of trust and authority that isn’t as easily achieved through traditional means. By sharing knowledge, best practices and expertise throughout the industry you specialise in, you can slowly begin to position yourself as the standard that your competitors will be reaching to achieve. You can also share your experiences, success stories and the practical elements behind your work, to bolster your brand’s trustworthiness, helping you to drown out your competitors.

There are many different ways of approaching a thought leadership article, however, there are key areas you should consider before putting pen to paper. Choosing a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about is key, and you should have real-world examples and statistics provided by you, to back up your words. Keeping it to the point and avoiding any hyperbolic wording is also important to establish a sense of confidence without needing to embellish. Overall, the article should be inspiring and spread a message that is stand out and genuinely useful.

Building a thought leadership strategy can take time, as there must be time spent spotting gaps in the market you want to establish yourself within first. All good strategies must also clearly define an audience and a goal to structure any tactics around. Once these elements have been thought through, a detailed content calendar can be constructed, complete with backup plans for any potential obstacles that can arise. It’s also recommended to have a longer-term goal in the background of your thought leadership strategy, such as writing a book or developing a new tool.


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