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Increase your local visibility and attract customers in your target areas with effective local SEO tactics.

The What

Local SEO Services

Local search is on the rise, and without a local SEO strategy in place, you could be missing out on invaluable organic traffic in your local area.

Thanks to our wealth of local SEO experience, we’ve developed processes for efficiently scaling up search engine marketing for local stores of all sizes and types. Delivering top results and increasing SEO performance for businesses operating in local areas or serving targeted geographical areas, all without losing the technical attention to detail.

If your business operates in a local area, or serves a targeted geographical area, and wants to increase local visibility and attract a larger local customer base, discover our local search services below.

If you want to attract a larger, more local customer base and increase your local visibility discover our local search services below.

The How

Put your business on the map
with Local SEO

Local SEO ensures that your business is visible when people are searching for your services. Using various local on-page and off-page signals, your website communicates the local relevance of each search to Google.

Using various methods and SEO techniques, including link building, ‘local pack’ or ‘3-pack’ optimisation, keyword discovery and exploration of local search terms, SiLs (service in location), Google Business Profile listings, local citations, on-page content optimisation and technical optimisation, we’ll help get your business in front of the right eyes.

Whether you’re a small-to-medium independent business or an organisation with several locations, you can achieve successful business growth using effective local SEO strategies.


The Why

Why Does Your Business Need Local SEO?

Local SEO is vital to any business that serves local customers in a targeted area, whether you’re a service-based business operating in a catchment area or a bricks-and-mortar store looking to get feet through the door.

46% of Google searches have local intent, and 78% of local searches resulted in an offline purchase, meaning that shoppers want to spend their money locally, and they look to Google to show them where.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization that prioritises the discovery of a business by traffic from the local area.

If your company only sells products or provides services locally, you may prefer to “narrow down” your target market to your surrounding region. Local SEO will help you to do that.

Local SEO will drive more relevant traffic through the doors of your business. It targets leads who are actively looking for products and services such as yours in the local area and prioritises them over more general users from further afield who are much less likely to convert.

Google Business Profile is a free tool that enables business owners to “claim” their business online, then manage, edit and promote their listing on Google Maps and Search to be more discoverable and interact more effectively with potential clients.

NAP citations are also known as Local Citations. NAP stands for “Name, Address and Phone number”, and the term refers to the displaying of this information on your website and in your online listings.

They’ll help you to rank accurately on Google Maps and will make you generally easier for users to find.

In order to ensure that your business is accurately displayed on Google Maps, all you need to do is to open a Google Business Profile account for free, then claim or create a profile for it which includes an accurate address.

You should then verify your business and edit your profile to contain as much clear, accurate information about your business as possible. You can include events, reviews and images.

Absolutely – not only can you optimise your Google Business Profile account to display reviews and star ratings, but potential local customers will always choose well-reviewed businesses over other nearby companies who are not reviewed or have poor ratings.

It will also impact your position in the search results, as search engines factor in both the number and quality of your reviews when choosing your position.

Local SEO is best suited to local businesses intending to grow their search visibility in a particular geographical area. Businesses that fit this description are typically local services, professional services, restaurants and hotels, law offices, bookshops, hairdressers, and even more.

Local SEO services are designed to suit the needs of local businesses and businesses that serve a particular geographic area specifically. They provide SEO techniques best suited to building a local business’s search visibility on Google, which includes establishing a detailed Google My Business profile, making a mobile-friendly website and optimising with keyword research and localised content.

Just like any SEO, results don’t happen immediately. Local SEO takes a minimum of 4-8 weeks for minor changes but if you want to see accurate results from in-depth local SEO tactics, you would expect to see these changes in 3-6 months. This is partly because Google needs to register the updates you have made to your business’ site as well as your Google Business Profile.


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