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Using newsjacking, we will inject your brand’s message into the latest news stories that can capture media attention and yield amazing results.

The What

So what is successful newsjacking?

Whilst your PR campaign is making waves, newsjacking can fit into the gaps, giving your strategy a boost. By making the news do the hard work for you, you can piggyback off of breaking news stories and see results in a matter of hours.

A popular buzzword within the content marketing sphere, newsjacking was the word of the year in 2017 and was originally coined by David Meerman Scott. Scott defines newsjacking as the process of adding your thoughts and opinions into breaking news stories.

By spotting a popular news story and providing insightful, relevant and helpful content for the journalists covering it, you build relationships and links and brand authority.

The How

Making newsjacking work

But making the most of your newsjacking efforts is no easy feat.

At Tecmark, we constantly monitor the news using a variety of tools, including Google alerts and regular reviews of recent media coverage relating to your brand’s industry.

The key is speed. News cycles can shoot up and die down within hours, so being quick off the mark is the only way to place your brand at the forefront of the latest trending topics. Wasting time is not an option, so our team will have to spot any relevant breakthrough topics or hot conversations and get to work on our newsjacking tactics.

When appropriate, we’ll offer journalists an expert comment on the topic, or adapt any existing content marketing pieces by highlighting the applicable elements and sharing them with relevant publications. 

The first noted instance on newsjacking was actually by Oreo in 2013, after they responded to the power outage at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans Superdome. Their tweet made light of the situation, whilst staying true to their brand’s message – and in record time.

When this is done right, brands turn almost any news story into an opportunity to spread their message and establish their voice.

The Why

What can newsjacking do for my brand?

Who doesn’t want to stand out from their competitors? You’re not the only brand out there trying to reap the rewards of newsjacking. Getting into the inboxes of journalists before the peak of the story hits is absolutely essential, and when done correctly can have amazing results.

Newsjacking gives you the chance to put your brand at the forefront of a hot topic, and consequently a larger audience. This introduction to brand new eyes can drive more traffic, attract new leads and convert them into sales, and what’s better than a positive first impression?

Newsjacking also improves your brand’s reputation and recognition.

Leveraging a viral news story to your benefit can place your brand’s voice as the expert, highlighting your authority within your industry and improving the trust of potential customers.

So, bolster your brand marketing strategy and get newsjacking to reach new audiences, earn virality, expert status and fruitful relationships with journalists.



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