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For ultra-fast loading websites to set the foundations of your SEO campaigns.

The What

Our Page Speed Optimisation Services

With Tecmark’s site speed optimisation services, we’ll transform your frustratingly slow site into a rich and engaging one that converts.

We have over 14 years of experience in helping our clients improve their website speed and performance, gain valuable traffic and increase conversions. We create websites that aren’t just faster but provide an excellent overall user experience.

If you’re struggling with a slow website and subpar rankings, learn more about how our website speed optimisation services can help recover your site and improve search performance. Discover our website speed optimisation services:

The How

Improve Your WordPress Website Speed

Quick site loading speeds are crucial to any SEO strategy–it’s a direct ranking factor for Google, and since 2018 affecting mobile searches drastically. Without a quick loading web page, your site will likely lose visitors and conversions. In fact, 74% of searchers would abandon mobile sites that don’t load within 5 seconds.

Three quarters of searches abandon mobile sites that don’t load within the first 5 seconds.

Website performance affects user experience. Everything from page speed, multiple redirects, and slow-loading design elements can cause users to bounce off your page before it’s even fully loaded.

Fortunately, since 2008 our experts have optimised the loading speeds of hundreds of websites! We use a tried and tested process to quickly identify loading time issues and opportunities and improve your website performance.

The Why

How Site Speed Affects Rankings

Improving your site speed is one of the most important and most fundamental improvements you can make to your site. Google’s aim is to serve its users the best possible experience and the most relevant search results, and since 2018, this is increasingly related to site speed.

You might have top-notch content and a beautiful site design, but if your site takes too long to load, your potential visitor/client is just a click away from a different, faster competitor! And on mobile, this is even more important, with most consumers expecting mobile sites to load in 3 seconds or less, while the average mobile site takes 15 seconds. So how can site speed improvements improve your rankings?


Enhance SEO

Fast sites are easier for Google’s bots to crawl, which can improve your site’s crawl budget and crawl rate

Increase conversions

Fast sites have lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates, which tells Google that you are serving users relevant content and will boost your rankings.

Improve User Experience

Fast sites improve user experience, giving them higher satisfaction from your brand and less stress from being served the information they want when they need it.


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