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Make the most out of your social media platforms with social media optimisation services.

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Social Media SEO Services

Social media is more than just entertainment. When used correctly and combined with expert SEO strategies, your business can build its brand awareness to new heights whilst boosting traffic and conversions to your website.

Tecmark is an experienced SEO agency with a team of social media optimisation specialists that understand the significant role Social Media plays in your target audience’s lives. Our Social Media SEO services can provide your business with modern digital marketing strategies that optimise your search visibility on SERPs.

We’ve helped our clients, large and small, fully optimise their social media including Giphy, Flickr, and Pinterest content for legitimate SEO results. We know the dedication it takes to see business growth online, and we have the skills to make it happen. Discover our social media optimisation services:

The how

How Can Social Media SEO Help?

Our social media SEO services will help your business boost your online presence and grow your social channels.

We’ve helped our clients, large and small, fully optimise their videos and rank higher on Youtube. We know the dedication it takes to see business growth online, and we have the skills to make it happen. We provide social media services on a range of platforms including:

Pinterest SEO

More than 416 million people visit Pinterest each month to explore and categorize ideas they love. While you may think of Pinterest as being in the social media family, it’s also a powerful search engine just like Google.

With statistics that show 70% of users discover new products on Pinterest and 90% say Pinterest helps them decide what to buy.

Creating content on this pinning platform can provide a great source of social revenue and Tecmark can provide your business with a service that accounts for key ranking factors

Giphy SEO

A relatable Gif can reach 10 billion people a day – that’s more than Twitter and Snapchat combined, yet so many businesses aren’t aware of the SEO benefits that come with optimising a Giphy profile. This makes it an untapped market with lots of potential for your business’ content to easily rank #1.

Gifs aren’t just found on, content visibility can cover multiple social channels such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even slack and we know the key factors to a successful Giphy SEO strategy

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and processes more than 3 million searches each month. It’s a powerful source of information for people who are ready to learn, watch, and be entertained. And with almost 1 billion unique users on YouTube, that means nearly 1 out of every 2 internet users are on YouTube, making it a search platform you can’t afford to miss.

Higher rankings on YouTube means more clicks, more engagement, and more users. And with YouTube being the fastest growing video sharing website in the world, it is the optimal place for video content.

Flickr SEO

Flickr is an image hosting platform that is often overlooked for SEO purposes, however, it is a powerful tool for both building brand visibility and building links to your website.

As an imaging sharing platform, Flickr can be used to share product photos, blog photos, or images taken to build links.

We’ll make sure every aspect of your profile is optimised – everything from the name and image descriptions to individual photo file names and backlinks to your website.

The why

Give Your SEO Efforts a Boost

Though traditional website SEO may be a familiar practice for your business, you may only be finding out now about the profitable potential social media SEO could add to your current search engine optimization strategy.

Social media is where to reach an audience of global proportions and Tecmark’s expert social media SEO services can combine seamlessly with your website SEO to boost your off-page SEO efforts and increase referral traffic to your website.

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Social Media SEO: Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your YouTube channel, videos, and playlists using SEO techniques such as thumbnail optimisation, opportunity analysis and keyword research to increase views, clicks and subscribers.

A key part of YouTube SEO is providing accessibility to users, through the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles.

YouTube is it’s own search engine, so it has it’s very own search practices that you can optimise for. As the second largest search engine globally, not adopting YouTube SEO practices into your YouTube strategy leads to missing out on potentially valuable traffic.

If you’re wanting to improve your performance on YouTube, SEO practices are essential.

Using YouTube SEO techniques, you can rank higher on YouTube by performing targetted keyword research, optimising video meta data for keywords, conducting trending opportunity analyses to identify what’s popular in search, optimising video thumbnails, and improving accessibility for users.

1. Produce high quality video content
2. Use targeted keywords in meta data
3. Use catchy, descriptive titles
4. Optimise video thumbnails
5. Identify trending video topics to increase your audience traffic.
6. Promote your video on your website and social media channels.

Absolutely – diverse types of content on a certain page will influence search engine algorithms to rank it higher. Therefore, a video embedded in a blog post will see you placed further up the search results.

There are also some search terms where videos are better served as an answer. If your video is on topic, your website will have an even better chance of ranking.

Additionally, if a user is watching a video on your site, they’re spending more time there than they might usually – which also helps you to rank.

Quality long-term results won’t happen immediately in any type of SEO, especially YouTube SEO.

It can typically take around 6 months for your YouTube SEO strategy to show its true results.

YouTube SEO works by growing your search visibility on search engines and Youtube search. This is done through understanding YouTube’s algorithm, search trends, and what works on YouTube, and then optimising your YouTube channel, videos, titles, descriptions, playlists to place you in the best possible position to rank.

As these areas are implemented with an SEO strategy, your channel’s viewership, loyalty and authority will start to grow which will lead to your videos being shown higher on YouTube searches and on Google.


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