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Site migrations, led by SEO. Using our tried and tested processes, we’ll help ensure your website migration is a success.

The what

Our Website Migration Services

Website migrations are a serious undertaking that can have a major impact on SEO efforts. If you’re making significant changes to your websites, such as moving to a new domain or CMS, you’ll want to make sure you have an expert web development and site migration team behind you.

Having experts at the wheel when undertaking website migrations is the only way to ensure that you’ll reap the rewards, whether you’re moving to a new domain or CMS.

Our 14 years of experience in the SEO industry partnered with our website migration experts and web development team have successfully migrated hundreds of sites. Our SEO-friendly website migration checklist ensures that your migration goes as smoothly as possible, with minimal impact on your website’s visibility and organic traffic.

Let our team do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll handle your project of any size and migrate your website effectively and efficiently. Discover our professional website migration services below:

The how

Bulletproof Website Migrations

Website migrations are not as simple as just swapping content from one site to another. They can be very complicated if you don’t have a strategic and comprehensive migration plan in place.

Our technical SEO and team has a tried and tested website migration checklist for this process, ensuring everything goes smoothly, from start to finish. We know the challenges that can arise, and we know how to navigate them.

How we ensure migration success


  • Benchmarking: setting out measurable and realistic objectives for the migration
  • Planning: allocating the right timeframe and sufficient resources to the project
  • UX and SEO Management: improving user experience without losing SEO content or search results rankings
  • Pre and Post-Launch Testing: thorough testing of your site from technical, SEO and Google Analytics standpoints.
  • Bug Fixing: efficient response to bugs, post-launch

The Why

Why Should an SEO Agency Lead Your Website Migration?

Whether you’re improving the URL structure or changing your domain name, website migrations are an exciting opportunity to give your website a much-needed update, improved customer experience or technical change.

Every type of website migration brings its own risks to SEO, and not planning ahead for these can come at the expense of your hard-earned rankings.

Our development and SEO teams have identified these risks, ensuring that we avoid them and create a bulletproof migration strategy that is successful, while preserving and improving your SEO performance.

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Website Migrations: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a website migration?

The term “website migration” refers to the redirecting of traffic from an old website to a new one once it has been developed. Failing to do this can lead to lost custom – and failing to do it efficiently can cause you to drop down the search engine rankings.

Website migrations can have a lot of benefits if performed correctly. For example, switching to a more reliable server or host, improving your user interface, and even switching protocol from HTTP to HTTPS can have a great impact on your rankings.

The time it takes to perform a website migration is dependent on many factors, such as the complexity and size of the website, server speeds, or outdated software.

It’s important to get an understanding of the full project and migration plan and consider the timing of the full process, otherwise, rushed jobs can lead to faulty migrations.

No, your website will remain online for the duration of the migration process. Tecmark will set up a staging site on a local server during this period so the transition to the new host/server/domain will be seamless.

When you arrange a content migration, the content held by your old CMS (Content Management System) is transferred to a new one. This needs to be done thoroughly and carefully. Content may also need to be reorganised, redesigned or – in some cases – rewritten.

If you haven’t planned your migration properly or undertaken comprehensive checks to ensure its success, you may find that you lose your rankings within search engine results. This is why many business owners choose to use the services of specialists when migrating a site.

To make a successful migration plan in website migration, these key areas must be considered:

– What data are you migrating? – Where does this data live and what format should it be in post-migration?
– Take into account the size of this migration by considering the amount of data that is being moved.
– What resources will you be using to carry out an effective migration and set a realistic budget accordingly.
– Consider what time is best to carry out this migration as to not interfere with normal business operations, perhaps weekends or evenings are best.
– Is all your data backed up in case you encounter any issues during your migration?
– Make sure you are using an experienced team to help you carry out your migration best.
– The final execution of the data migration plan as well as the vital monitoring and testing to be performed once the migration is complete.


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