Patrick Cannon: SEO Content & Technical SEO

Patrick Cannon is a leading tax barrister in London, primarily working in the SDLT and tax fields of the law. In early 2018, he decided he wanted to increase his online visibility and take hold of the leads and cases that he would work on.

Tecmark helped Patrick identify SDLT as a very lucrative market in the legal field with great search potential, and Patrick Cannon wanted to position himself as a leader in this space.

The Opportunity

Patrick Cannon is a leading tax barrister in London, primarily working in the SDLT and tax fields of the law. Previously, Patrick had relied on his barrister’s chambers for leads, which were few and far between, not to mention that they weren’t the quality that he was looking for.

Our challenge was to create a lead-generating website for Patrick Cannon, that would place him as an expert in the Stamp Duty Land Tax advisor market, thus driving high-quality, relevant leads to the website.

The Solution

Tecmark and Patrick Cannon worked together to define Patrick’s primary audience for the SDLT market – people looking for professional tax barristers in London that specialised in SDLT, specifically matters relating to multiple dwellings relief and SDLT on second homes.  

Our technical SEO team worked to optimise technical elements of the website that had been missed, including a number of issues with site speed, redirect chains, and broken links that needed to be addressed.

An SEO strategy was developed to expand on content related to SDLT and to restructure current landing pages to improve conversions. A sitemap was fleshed out to identify a plan of action, a competitor audit completed, and thorough keyword research to understand the full search marketing in relation to stamp duty land tax.

With the implementation of extensive evergreen SDLT-related content, FAQs, revamped service pages, schema, and all technical SEO aspects nailed, we were able to increase organic traffic and improve conversions drastically.

The Results


Featured Snippet appearances


Increase in organic traffic (YoY)


Increase in organic traffic MoM


Increase in top 3 keywords

The Rankings


tax evasion


money laundering sentence


stamp duty avoidance


stamp duty on commercial leases


multiple dwelling relief


claiming back stamp duty

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