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The What

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Successful content marketing does more than just drive traffic to your website. A strategic marketing approach that is focused on consistently creating and distributing engaging and valuable content can yield amazing results.

Blog posts, case studies, social media posts and other content strategies offer the chance for your brand to build a fantastic online reputation. If a user regularly sees your relevant and engaging voice, it enforces a sense of trustworthiness. And if the content is strong, the audience will come to relate your brand as entertaining whilst relevant.

This brand presence and awareness are at the heart of every digital marketing strategy, making content marketing a key element.

Successful content marketing is not just about creating a piece of content either. If the content is valuable, it is shareable. So by nailing the value behind the content, you can let your potential customers do the work for you, and share it with other relevant audiences to generate organic traffic.

Search engines also love the pieces that come from content marketing. Tecmark’s 14 years of experience in the industry gives us a unique insight into how to utilise the SEO benefits of a strong content marketing strategy.

By expertly blending what you what to communicate with what your target audience is searching for and what Google prefers to see – content marketing’s reach is limitless. But how is it different from an advertising campaign?

If your brand has a message that you’d like your targeted audience to see everywhere they turn, then surely it’s simpler to dip into your pocket and pay for an advertising campaign?

Whilst paying for guaranteed coverage might seem more straightforward, it doesn’t always convert into traffic and sales. In fact, having your brand plastered across people’s screens wherever they turn can be overwhelming and intrusive on people’s online experiences.

As a result, your message and what your brand can offer is overshadowed. Instead, content marketing is about showing the world what you’re great at, rather than shouting about it.

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The How

Creative content marketing to get onto your
target market’s screens

Using content marketing to your advantage is a powerful tool, but to begin with, we have to have a good understanding of who our audience is.

Tecmark’s marketing services all begin with research. Gaining a strong insight into how the media responds to your industry, what your target audience is searching for and which types of content will stand out.

Planning is a key part of our content marketing strategy – from the tone of voice, expectations to do’s and don’t’s, our team curates a timeline that will achieve your goals. This includes anticipating any potential obstacles. Content marketing opens up a unique opportunity to make obstacles work to your advantage, by coming up with creative solutions in the form of engaging content.

Remember – a strong content marketing agency can create valuable pieces of content that will work with your audience in any setting.

Once you’ve established your goals, audience and done your research and planning, it’s time to get creative.

Successful content marketing strategies and campaigns don’t just rely on brand new pieces of content, they are also incredibly resourceful. Reduce reuse recycle is a common theme, by making engaging and interesting content that can be refreshed and reused.

This strong content can then create conversations, which in turn creates leads, traffic and sales.

The Why

Do I need content marketing services?


Hundreds of brands within your industry are all trying to do the same thing. Vying for your targeted audience’s attention, the internet is saturated with content that pours across web pages and surrounds users with constant messages.

With so many loud voices shouting over one another, how on earth are you supposed to clearly communicate your message?

Content marketing solves this common issue with creative solutions. By strategically planning your content to strike at key moments within your industry, whilst consistently sharing your message through email marketing, social media updates and blog posts.

This consistency creates awareness which leads to lead generation and an increase in website traffic.

The phrase “content is king” really reflects its power to drive your audience to your brand’s site, as long as it is consistent, relevant and useful.

Simply put, content marketing is giving your audience insight into your brand answers your audience’s questions and helping you build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions, and generate leads. In today’s age, customers expect high-quality, consistent content from their favourite brands.

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Content Marketing: Frequently Asked Questions

How will content marketing help my business?

Content marketing can help your business thanks to the ways it can be adapted to communicate any message your brand has decided on. By developing content that is hyper-relevant to your business, your target audience will have clarity on who you are and what you provide. In turn, questions surrounding your business can be answered immediately which will help you to curate a stronger relationship with your overall audience. Content marketing is also the best way to impress your audience as providing consistently high-quality content will help to build trust, and in turn, drive more traffic and improve conversions.

Measuring success in content marketing isn’t always straightforward, but it can be tracked through a variety of metrics. Firstly, you can monitor the actual number of clicks, leads, backlinks and time spent on the content through several different tools. If the content is encouraging people to visit your site and is successfully keeping them on it, this is a good sign that your content marketing is effective. The amount of time the content is being linked to is also a good indicator of success, as strong content should be evergreen. Social media shares and interaction can also indicate the success of content marketing, however, if it isn’t generating leads and conversions, it may not be as successful as it may look.

Every business has competition, and are often vying for the attention of their target audience. To be able to attract the people you want, a content marketing strategy is often necessary. The tactics and processes involved are key to helping your business stand out amongst your competitors. It is also incredibly effective for communicating your brand’s messaging, which can help you to demonstrate your value to your customers, and clarify why you deserve the business of new ones. A content marketing strategy can also support your business in establishing future goals, setting priorities and spotting any potential obstacles.

A strong content marketing strategy will contain a clear strategic plan that outlines key events, potential obstacles and opportunities that could boost the results that the strategy is striving for. Brand guidelines must be included to ensure that all content produced is in line with the brand’s messaging, along with objectives, market research and a customer journey map. These additions are important to be able to produce the most effective content that will yield the best results. To be as successful as possible, there should also be a strong understanding of the current brand positioning to mark out any gaps that can be filled.

To get started with content marketing, understanding the business and brand you’re building a strategy for is essential. Knowing any previous work that has been done, the current placement of the brand in the media, along with any pre-existing market research can help to guide you, and help you to avoid doing any unnecessary or potentially damaging work. Ensuring the brand’s target audience and definition is as clear as possible is also something that must be done before getting started, to avoid any confusion further down the line and to ensure all content is created with intent and focus.

Strong content marketing strategies can boost a business’ SEO if done correctly. A key element of content marketing is curating quality content that can benefit a brand in multiple ways. Not only does it have to accurately communicate the brand’s messaging, but it can be optimised to boost rankings and generate more traffic. Content should be created by doing detailed keyword research to generate effective content ideas, updating existing blogs or pages and researching your competition. If done effectively, this will drive more traffic to your site thanks to higher rankings in search, increasing the chance of conversions.

Improving your content marketing can be done in several ways. Listening to and understanding any feedback you receive from colleagues, clients and media contacts is key, and can often highlight issues that may have been overlooked by you during the process. Setting realistic goals and expectations will also allow you to focus on the processes you’re going through, instead of worrying about what will happen in the future. Adjusting goals to focus on building an audience can help to improve your content marketing too and establish an audience that wants to engage with you.


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Great to see such a positive picture during the golden quarter and over Christmas. We really appreciate the job you guys are doing!

Joe Carroll
B&M Stores

The working partnership we have with Tecmark has delivered in a tough market. In the early stages, we made it very clear it was about leads and we wanted a no ”˜bull’ approach. The collaborative route has resulted in each party challenging each other but all this combined with open minds has made a massive difference.

Rainbow International

The guys at Tecmark have been excellent from beginning to end. Their service has been brilliant and AJ has been such a great help in explaining technical info in laymen’s terms. Always available on the phone when you need them. Keep up the great work guys!

Linten Technologies

We could not be happier with the relationship we have in place and the service we receive from Tecmark. It’s an absolute pleasure doing business with these guys. Highly recommended.

Andy Mazey
Managing Director, S R Waite Group

Tecmark have done, and continue to do, a fantastic job in developing my tax barrister website in 2018. The team are so enthusiastic and full of ideas and energy and are cutting edge in all things digital. I recommend them without any hesitation.

Patrick Cannon
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