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Data-driven SEO campaigns to push your website further. Our SEO agency’s blend of creative and technical SEO will give your website the boost it needs to improve your organic search presence.

The what

SEO Services for UK Businesses

From local SEO and technical SEO to link building and digital PR, Tecmark’s SEO agency can manage every aspect of your SEO strategy, overall digital strategy, and more.

Having passionate experts steering the wheel of your SEO campaign is key to seeing long-lasting results. 

Updating SEO strategies and processes is the best way to keep up with the constant changes to search engines’ algorithms. At Tecmark, we’re always looking to the future for inspiration to guide our SEO strategies, and we never settle.

But it’s not just us. The team at Tecmark values a collaborative approach to all their campaigns. Working with you to develop a strong relationship with your brand is how we generate impressive campaigns. By understanding all aspects of your brand, your target audience and the gaps where our results would have the most impact, you’re guaranteed a tailor-made campaign that you’ll be blown away by.

Looking for the best Manchester SEO company for your UK business? Discover our range of professional SEO services below.

Our SEO Processes

SEO Research and Insights

We carry out an in-depth data analysis to provide the basis of your SEO strategy. This deep-dive includes an SEO competitor and audience analysis, market assessment, keyword research, on-page SEO audits and content analysis. We’ll assess your current situation, pinpoint any quick wins for fast returns, and identify longer-term projects designed for gradual growth.


SEO Planning and Strategy

Our approach to SEO means you will receive a bespoke SEO strategy that impacts all factors affecting your website, whether you need creative content marketing, or technical fixes, we’ll make sure your SEO works as hard as possible to put you in the best possible position to rank.


Reporting and Analysis

Working with the results of our analysis and your business vision to develop an effective SEO strategy – whatever your specific needs or constraints. With the increased use of machine learning in search, ranking factors can differ significantly for each query – so we use a pragmatic approach to optimisation to provide bespoke strategies that provide long term search performance growth.

Over the years, our UK SEO agency has worked with many different industry tools to dig deeper into data insights. We’ve refined our choices to only industry-leading SEO tools that have the highest impact and allow us to thoroughly analyse your website. 

It’s not just through processes and tools that Tecmark has generated an impressive reputation. We also value collaboration between our clients and our team.

To understand what your brand needs, our team will work to thoroughly understand your brand, its message and its target audience. This is so that all content can be fully optimised and reach its full potential – organic search drives our team, and they value the importance of this throughout every SEO strategy. 

By thoroughly understanding your brand, its message and its target audience, all content can be fully optimised and reach its full potential. Without this process, your site’s content won’t attract enough of your target audience.

  • We support businesses with existing internal marketing, SEO, and content marketing teams.
  • We work with start-ups to incorporate online marketing, social media, digital PR and successful conversions into their business strategy.
  • We thrive in competitive SEO sectors and work in tough-to-crack areas such as gaming, medical, finance, travel, retail, recruitment and professional services.

The How

Results-driven SEO Campaigns

It takes years of research, work and development to produce processes that drive impressive results, and our SEO agency has done just that.

Tecmark has a clear track record of increasing organic search engine rankings, traffic and conversions. By dedicating the last 14 years to understanding how to harness the power of search engines, we have propelled brands to the top of their target audience’s search results. 

This type of brand visibility and recognition can’t be manufactured, and Tecmark’s processes are expertly designed to place your brand organically in front of your target audience.

Tecmark’s expert team specialise in strategic and technical SEO. We ensure that by bringing our broad experience in scaling on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and digital PR strategy, all types of companies and brands can benefit from our valuable and impressive results. 

We create strong, conversion-led search engine optimisation campaigns to push your business further, and turn your vision, ambition and appetite for development into genuine success and online growth. But it’s not just a copy and paste campaign.

While other SEO Manchester companies might profess to have search engine optimisation down to a science, we know that the goalposts are constantly changing. What works for one client won’t necessarily be the right strategy for another. This is why it is key that we are consistently researching and trailing new processes so that your brand has the best campaign for its needs.

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Increase traffic, sales and genuine
leads with professional SEO

SEO has become an essential part of any successful business’s marketing strategy. If you want to drive highly relevant traffic, leads, and sales to your site, professional SEO services will give you the boost you need to improve your online presence.

Having a strong online presence built on future-proof SEO strategies by Tecmark, will place you in a position that your competitors will struggle to reach.

Your brand benefits further from SEO though, as earning more organic traffic to your site through tried and tested SEO tactics increases your chances of genuine leads and conversions.

Our team’s work will provide your target audience with a clear path to your brand and what you offer, organically and in a user-friendly way.

But, understanding how search engines work, along with their complex and ever-changing algorithms, can feel impossible. It becomes even more difficult once you try to use these to your brand’s advantage.

Our team of results-driven organic search experts in Manchester not only understand, but have over 14 years of experience in developing processes to help our clients gain visibility, leads, and customers through search.

From creating long-form content to building domain authority, our proven Manchester SEO techniques and tools are carefully selected to bring you high-quality traffic and customers that convert.

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SEO Agency: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

While SEO works to improve organic traffic, PPC allows you to serve ads at the top of the page, above organic search results.

There are advantages to using either of these strategies, for example, PPC is quicker and allows for fine tuned targeting, while SEO is a great for improved awareness, credibility and ROI in the long run.

However, the best campaigns use the two together. If you can get SEO and PPC to work in tandem, you will see greater results than using them alone.

There are SO many SEO softwares available to use, it would be hard to pick just one. At Tecmark, we use many trusted SEO tools.

Some of our SEO teams' favourites include SEMrush, Screaming Frog, GTMetrix, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics, to name a few.

On-page SEO (sometimes called on-site SEO) has to do with optimising factors on your website that you can control.

This not only includes high quality content, targeted keywords, headlines, and meta data-it also refers to the technical set-up of your website including site speed and the quality of your code.

On-page SEO lays the foundation for other SEO strategies.

Keyword research is the process of identifying and targeting search terms that people are using when looking for your products or services. These can be incorporated into existing content and used to develop further content strategy.

A CMS, or content management system, is a computer software or application that manages all content on a site. It can be used to create, change, and modify content without specialised knowledge.

A CMS simply lets you build a website without needing to write the code from scratch, and handles all the basic website infrastructure (creating pages, storing images, etc.) so that you can focus on the client-facing aspects of your website.

WordPress is generally agreed as the most SEO-friendly CMS. It allows you to easily set custom URLs, headings, meta data, redirects, create internal linkings, and more. With over 45% of Google SERPs coming from WordPress sites, it's not hard to see how it positively affects rankings!

While URLs are only one small part of search engine ranking factors, creating SEO-friendly URLs can definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

Your URLs should be easily readable for both search engines and users, and should help the visitor know what to expect from your web page. The shorter the better, so you should avoid stuffing your site with multiple subfolders and subcategories that will lengthen URLs. You should also ensure that your target keywords are included in your URL.

Optimising URLs are an impactful, but often overlooked aspect of SEO.

If you're just at the beginning of developing your SEO strategy, the best place to start would be to run a technical audit, checking your site speed, page structures, meta data, crawl errors, etc., to see if there are any outstanding issues that could help lay the technical foundations of SEO. Once that's done, you should be able to begin on-page SEO and content marketing, starting with keyword research.

There is an abundance of websites in Google's index. Even if you have a beautiful, visual appealing website, you won't see conversions unless you're up to date and following SEO best practices. If you want your website to work harder and smarter for you, you'll need an expert SEO agency to support you.

Google's algorithm is constantly changing. Sometimes they result in massive fluctuations, and other times they affect only a small portion of websites. Our SEO Agency keeps on top of updates to Google and Bing,, so you can ensure your web page rankings are not only safe, but also optimised to the best of our ability, using advanced technical SEO and content optimisation techniques.

Search engine optimisation is a long term gain technique. Some SEO agencies promise cheap SEO packages and guaranteed SEO rankings, but you should be wary of anyone promising this! As it usual means black hat SEO techniques that result in lost rankings, or worse, a Google Penalty.

Our SEO agency usually sees results in the first 3-6 months of a campaign, however, these should continue to trend upwards over time. After 12 months, you should expect an even larger increase in traffic, as long as the SEO agency you choose is keeping up with optimisation.

One of the best ways to improve traffic to your website is with expert SEO services. This includes a variety of tactics - on-page SEO, Technical SEO, link building and more - to maximise your website's potential and outrank your competitors.

At Tecmark, we take a deep dive into your current performance to identify what's holding you back. Then we get to work at making whatever improvements necessary to boost your SEO performance.

Google's mobile-first indexing means that your mobile website will be the only one that is considered by Google. So, any content or elements of your website that are desktop-only won't get picked up by the search engines. If your website is the same across all devices, you should have no problems! If not, you'll want to get a mobile-responsive website set up ASAP, or risk losing traffic and hard-earned rankings.

If your website isn't ranking on Google, this could be for a number of reasons. It could be that your website hasn't been indexed by Google, your content isn't targeting the right keywords, or simply that your competitors are producing better content!

There are several things that can be done to mitigate these things - all it takes is a simple SEO audit to identify the root cause of the issue. Get in touch with us to see how we can help, or you can also use our Free SEO audit tool above!

Regular blogging helps your webpage to appear higher up the search results by adding current, relevant content - something that is prioritised by search engines.

Adding fresh updates every so often will also mean that your site is indexed by search engines more often.

Additionally, if you include relevant, popular keywords in the content of your blog posts, they will be more easily discoverable by internet users who are looking for a business like yours. This will increase traffic and boost your position further.

Adding https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption to your url in place of a http prefix will improve your site security and improve user confidence by showing that it is private.

It may also enable a higher ranking within the search results - as search engines will judge your site to be more trustworthy.

Some of the most popular SEO approaches include:

- Keyword optimisation - the use of popular search terms organically throughout your content and the inclusion of “long-tail keywords”.
- Cross-device optimisation - making your website responsive and designing it to display perfectly on any device - including all desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone models.
- Backlinking - the more your website's information is spread across the internet, the more discoverable you'll be and the higher you'll rank.
- Content marketing - the content on your website is one of the biggest influences on your rankings, so it's important that your content marketing is aligned to SEO best practices.

Yes. Google and other search engines carefully filter the content on your site - and, if you offer multiple pages with identical text, they will be pitted against each other to determine which will rank higher.

In order for all pages to rank as well as possible, you should make sure that every page contains up to date information that is distinct from that which is shared on other pages.

SEO is important because it directly affects your online visibility and your ranking in search engines like Google.

SEO is about understanding the search algorithms and how to manipulate them for your content to be seen.

Therefore, quality SEO tactics will enable you to gain search visibility online, which in turn, can lead to increased traffic and customer sales for your business.

In conclusion, SEO is crucial if you want a website to be found, a product to be bought, a blog to be read or a video to be watched.

An SEO specialist is someone who works to optimise the online visibility and ranking of a business on search engines through quality SEO tactics.

They have a great understanding of how Google's algorithm works and what SEO practices are best to build the search visibility of a brand or business.

Also part of an SEO specialists job is identifying key SEO strategies and techniques that would best fit the unique needs of a business whilst integrating them into the wider marketing plan.


We build links and generate leads with your customer in mind to help you build your brand and grow your website & business.

Don't just take our word for it...

Great to see such a positive picture during the golden quarter and over Christmas. We really appreciate the job you guys are doing!

Joe Carroll
B&M Stores

We have worked with Tecmark for over 2 years and the advice they have provided in that time has been invaluable.  They increased traffic to the site by 75%, increasing sales and product awareness.

We’d recommend Tecmark to any business looking to improve traffic to their website.

James Cryne

We could not be happier with the relationship we have in place and the service we receive from Tecmark. It’s an absolute pleasure doing business with these guys. Highly recommended.

Andy Mazey
Managing Director, S R Waite Group

Tecmark have done, and continue to do, a fantastic job in developing my tax barrister website in 2018. The team are so enthusiastic and full of ideas and energy and are cutting edge in all things digital. I recommend them without any hesitation.

Patrick Cannon

The guys at Tecmark have been excellent from beginning to end. Their service has been brilliant and AJ has been such a great help in explaining technical info in laymen’s terms. Always available on the phone when you need them. Keep up the great work guys!

Linten Technologies
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