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What’s good content if there’s no one gets to see it? Without a strong content outreach strategy and outreach marketing processes, you run the risk of allowing your brand’s message to sit stagnantly

The What

Content Outreach & Distribution: Explained

If you’ve worked incredibly hard on perfecting your brand’s message, you’re going to want people to hear about it. Besides, what’s good content if no one gets to see it?

Ensuring your content is seen by the target audience requires you to build relationships in the media by press release distribution. 

Creating content is a difficult process, and can take a long time to perfect. No matter what kind of content it is, it has to be able to cut through the noise of other brands. Without a strong content outreach strategy and outreach marketing processes, you run the risk of allowing your brand’s message to sit stagnantly.

Content outreach can take many different, more complex forms. Outreach campaigns that entail emailing a plethora of media contacts can help transmit your message far and wide. Offering guest posts to reputable news outlets can take the weight off of their shoulders and give you the power to distribute your content.

At Tecmark, we harness our 14 years of experience to find new and innovative ways to engage the attention of your target audience and distribute the content you want your target audience’s eyes on, in the way you want it.

The How

How we do content outreach and distribution

If you want people to care about your content enough to share it with their audience too, you have to highlight everything that makes it worth their while. Right down to the subject line of your email, every outreach strategy focuses on displaying the message in as few words, as clearly as possible.

Once the press release has been perfected and your message within the content is front and centre, the distribution begins. Using a variety of media contacts, unique and personalised messages are sent out. By using different tools and tactics, the outreach strategy can also monitor who opens which email as well as how often. The team also tracks any relevant journalist and media requests to see if they are relevant to your content and outreach any relevant elements.

Once the contact has been approached, we ensure that these personalised emails include a recognition of the journalist’s work and suggestions on how they could use the content we’re sharing with them. This good first impression is what builds relationships, and consequently, the likelihood of your content being distributed to their audience.

These personalisations are one of the main advantages of outreach marketing, as you can refine your contacts to be hyper-relevant, whilst developing your brand’s communication with outlets that can platform your content.

The Why

Why content outreach is key

We know how key content distribution is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. In fact, no matter what type of content you have, having a strong distribution and outreach strategy will raise the chances of any piece of content flying.

Not only does it increase the likelihood of reaching new, potential customers, having a consistent stream of engaging and valuable content flowing through to users’ screens keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

This can then lead to an increase in your brand awareness, whilst building a bigger following to your work and can lead your audience to be more receptive to any calls to action. Not to mention creating more conversations across any of your social media accounts – all whilst promoting your content and your brand.

All the content you create could be fantastic, but without these processes and strategies being put into place, it could be the downfall of a potentially headline-making campaign.



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