For the last 14 years, Tecmark has been paving the way within digital marketing and SEO. Throughout that time, we’ve worked with incredibly talented and driven people who were all working to one common goal during their time at the Manchester SEO agency.

Working to blend technology focused processes into effective marketing tactics.

But, after over a decade of Tecmark being represented by the muted red and blue, we’ve rebranded to the neon purple and green you see today.

So what inspired this change after such a long period of time? And how does Tecmark fit into the constantly evolving SEO agency and digital marketing industry?

We sat down with our MD, Richard Heyes, who has been at the forefront of this journey from the start. We got nostalgic and talked about all things Tecmark, and learned more about the vision for the future.

As the founder and Managing Director of Tecmark, what does this rebrand mean to you?

It’s incredibly significant to me. The brand has been presented the same way for the best part of 12 years and I knew it was time to freshen things up. After a recent return to the business after an involvement in another venture, it was the first thing I wanted to tackle.

It represents a fresh start, a commitment to focus on creative search marketing and a dedication to constantly evolving Tecmark’s processes to drive impressive results.

It must have been difficult to wave goodbye to the red and blue branding that Tecmark had been using for so long…

I work with incredibly talented people who know how to develop a website, so I knew that developing the site itself wouldn’t be an issue.

However, our first brief was to continue using red and blue colours throughout. But this led to us struggling as we were simply too close to the project emotionally, and I realised we would have to bring in an outside perspective.

So, how did you get around this and create a successful rebrand?

To really jump into the idea of putting the red and blue behind us, we completely changed direction and a previous employee led the way. Jordan Yates worked for Tecmark around five years ago, so he understood the history behind the  agency and the future direction. But, he wasn’t as close to the business or the brief to play it too safe.

It’s clear that we love the result of our bold purple and green look – it’s the perfect image to represent Tecmark as we tackle the future.

So, how will this steer Tecmark into the future?

This rebrand represents how we’re operating at Tecmark moving forward. We’re focusing our efforts on what we do best – organic search and creative content.

Going back to how we began, we’re harnessing the best that technology has to offer, and using that to power our tried and tested SEO processes that we’ve refined over the last 14 years.

In the last year alone, Tecmark has seen massive changes in the way the team works and the new direction the SEO agency is turning to. Everything from our office and working culture, to our SEO processes, partners and tools have had a shake-up, ready for 2022.

It’s been done with intention too. We’re developing a culture and processes that are designed to work to talented people’s strengths. We want people to feel supported in a nurturing and rewarding environment that they are confident to grow within. Anyone working for or with Tecmark, including our clients, will feel that energy and reap the benefits.

We have already welcomed some new team members into key roles and we have more people joining soon – we plan to develop the team even further throughout this year.

We are focused on allocating more time to experiment with new ideas and tactics and developing our culture further which is based around learning, curiosity and self development.

There will be just as many opportunities for people within the team to grow as there will be for brands to grow as we onboard them as clients.

Now we know more about the future, can you tell us about Tecmark’s roots?

Of course, it’s really important to recognise the journey as an SEO agency that Tecmark has been on, as it’s shaped where we plan to take it today.

We started as an organic search agency, but we always knew that we’d be fully exploiting technology’s role in marketing. Hence the name technology and marketing!

However, over the last fourteen years, we did let this take us to a broader service offering than we’d like. For example, in 2012 over 50% of our revenue came from mobile app design and development.

In 2022, we’re focusing on Tecmark’s specialty of creative search marketing. We’re not a jack of all trades team – we’re a group of specialists who have remained consistent in driving new ideas that achieve results through creative thinking and intelligent experimentation.

Clearly there are lots of exciting things on the horizon for Tecmark, and we’re more than ready to jump in and start creating waves.

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