Digital PR agencies have faced some pretty intense challenges that have led to digital PR strategies being changed and altered at the last second.

From parties to funerals, lockdowns and unpredictable news cycles – settling into our new normal hasn’t been simple.

Naturally, us digital PR’s managed to stay up on top above it all, so we wanted to take the opportunity to look back on digital PR throughout 2022.

The season of love might be over for couples across the UK, but here at Tecmark, we’re still soaking in the post Valentine’s Day vibes.

So, help us to show some love to last year’s quality content and innovative digital PR campaigns.

The team at Tecmark knows what great digital PR is and were taking notes throughout the year, watching some fantastic quality content driving plenty of traffic.

We wanted to compile our 2021 favourites from across a variety of digital marketing campaigns, link building strategies and strategies. We’ve created five categories of digital PR campaigns sharing the top 5 campaigns that caught our eye, for all the right reasons

To choose our favourites, we kept tabs on all the campaigns being outreached throughout the year. Looking at the industries that were heavily impacted in 2021, along with categories that hold valuable information and originality for the readers – we decided on four key categories:


Travelling has been a controversial topic ever since the pandemic has taken a hold of the world. Being able to cut through the noise and appeal to overwhelmed travel journalists with effective press releases is not an easy task.


Similarly to travel, the UK news cycle was overwhelmed with sensitive discussions surrounding people’s health. It was a tough industry to build a brand’s online presence with such a hectic news cycle and misinformation spreading on social media.


With so many digital PR campaigns and content floating around the internet, it can seem impossible to come up with a unique thought. But, we spotted a number of campaigns last year that deserve a shoutout in our list, thanks to their unique and original point of view.

Valuable data

Us digital PRs have a duty to our clients to provide quality content that can boost their online presence, gain social shares and effectively build links. But, as traditional media, along with social media, was host to a lot of scary news throughout 2021, distributing valuable data was more important than ever.

Our Digital PR Picks…

For each category, we chose a digital PR campaign that not only built links, but also based on its usefulness, how much it stands out and how evergreen it is.

1. Travel

For those creating travel focused campaigns, the pressure was on to keep up with constantly changing rules and chaotic news cycles.

Creating a travel campaign was not an easy undertaking, but this campaign stood out to the team at Tecmark…

The Most Colourful Places in the World

travel dpr campaign

What we loved:

– The campaign doesn’t rely on travel rules allowing the public to holiday abroad
– It is inspirational and can help people to plan their post-pandemic trip
– Brings the magic of travel back to our homes whilst in lockdown

Honourable mention
Greenest Cities in the World

2. Healthcare

Health was at the front of everyone’s minds in 2021. From new variants bringing the threat of lockdowns back over us, to vaccines and booster jabs being on the menu. All whilst we try to develop healthier post lockdown habits.

This was our favourite healthcare campaign of 2021…

Modern Attitudes to Sex and Dating

healthcare dpr campaign

What we loved:

– It normalises discussions surrounding STDs, which are usually stigmatised conversations
– Tackles difficult human relationship issues that are more important than ever in the wake
of a pandemic
– The expert information is a valuable resource for those who may find they are struggling with these tough topics

Honourable mention

The Best Music for your Vagina

3. Unique

Creating something that is completely different from the rest of the campaigns is incredibly difficult nowadays. Nearly everything has been done before.

But the Tecmark team spotted this campaign and noted it as one of the more unique pieces of 2021…

Does Online Video Streaming Hurt the Planet?


unique digital pr campaign


What we loved:

– Global warming is a hot topic that matters deeply to a wide audience
– Launched just before a lockdown – this campaign was incredibly topical for such a niche
– Included easy to understand graphics with relatable equivalents

Honourable mention

Which classical composer would have earned the most on Spotify?

4. Valuable data

PRs are in the business of making their clients happy, but we all know the struggle of striking a balance between happy clients and content that makes a difference.

Digging around to find data that will help the readers, as well as the client is impressive, and this campaign really stood out to us…

High House Prices in the UK


valuable data digital pr campaign


What we loved:

– Homeownership, along with skyrocketing prices are incredibly topical talking points
– A genuinely helpful resource for those looking to buy their first home/buying on a budget
– Included expert insight on a very complex issue, providing further value to the data

Honourable mention

Dropping off the grid

That’s our top 4 PR campaigns of 2021 complete! We were so impressed with all of the amazing content produced by the talented PRs across the UK last year.

Motivating, creative and effective – these serve us as inspiration for 2022, as we join in on creating DPR campaigns.

Share with your digital PR friends for a quick inspiration session, and let us know which campaign was your favourite in 2021 at Twitter.