New AI tech has exploded in recent months and heads have turned, leading to companies pivoting to AI-generated content. Saving time and resources, it seems like AI-generated content is the answer to many problems publications face.

But, how does content created by a machine match up to the real thing? Can the same level of expertise offered by human beings be re-produced, or even bettered, by AI software?

SEO and marketing agency, Tecmark, has put AI to the test to find out. Asking three industry experts for their 2023 predictions, Tecmark put their answers up against the popular AI software ChatGPT.

The first industry expert is Lisa Best, founder of Propertyable. Providing property advice and support, the website is plugged into the industry and has plenty of information. But how do they match up to the AI equivalent?

We asked Lisa “what are your predictions for property trends in 2023” and here is her response:



But did the AI match up to the property expert? ChatGPT was asked by Tecmark to detail its predictions for the property market in 2023. It responded with the following:




It’s clear the AI-generated content is heavy in detail and has a cohesive response, but is it lacking the personable touch of a seasoned expert? To delve deeper, we looked into another industry to see if it would have a different approach in comparison to the industry expert. Despite having similar information and insight, no two experts sound the same, so this is a good opportunity to see if the AI-generated content has the same tone and feel across different industries that it’s discussing.


The second industry expert is Gareth Healy, managing partner of Cactus and has decades of experience in marketing and communications. Tecmark asked Gareth to share his “insight into the future of digital marketing” and here is his response:



ChatGPT was then asked the same question, prompting it to respond with the following:


Whilst nothing can replace real industry experience, it seems as though AI-generated content has the potential to relay similar information, even if it does lack in character and personality.

What do you think? Do you see AI-generated content replacing the experts altogether, or are you shunning the new tech in favour for the real thing? Get involved and join in on the discussion with us on our channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.