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Why does your business need expert help to attract talent?

Talent attraction is an integral part of any recruitment process, especially if you don’t want to see any stalling or delays in growth within your business. 

If you don’t have a strong talent attraction strategy, you run the risk of your brand and business disappearing into the background, overshadowed by your louder competitors. Simply posting a job advertisement with a lengthy description isn’t enough anymore, as job seekers are searching for more, and those offering it the loudest will get them.

However, ensuring your brand and business stand out amongst the competition is not a simple task. Job boards are overloaded with job listings and titles, all boasting a huge variety of benefits. So, opting for a talent attraction strategy to propel your job listings to the top of job boards and placing them in front of potential candidates can yield fantastic results.

Tecmark has developed uniquely impactful processes, utilising the force behind SEO, PPC and careers sites to ensure that your business doesn’t have to wait for growth. Instead, using Tecmark’s expertise, you’ll find your brand’s message and job listing at the top of Google searches and career sites. 


Attract and retain the best talent for your brand

Tecmark understands how important it is for your brand’s message and mission to be accurately communicated in order to attract and retain the right type of talent.

Casting a wide net across the entire platform of job boards and Google searches is not how our team works. Instead, we analyse the search behaviour of your target audience and understand the relevant keywords involved in the specific jobs they look for. 

This forward-thinking approach, combined with a creative flair, is how Tecmark has developed impactful processes that your business can rely on. By allowing the facts to guide our talent attraction strategy for your business, we can count on your brand to be the first thing quality potential candidates find on their Google search. 

Removing the stress and worry of attracting and retaining top talent, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters. Growing your business and hiring the right people.

Trust Tecmark’s expertise to find you the right talent

Tecmark has been the go-to expert for businesses to rely on for over 14 years, working hard to create and develop processes that people can rely on to generate impressive results.

We have paved the way for innovative approaches and fact-led strategies, leading us to tactics and campaigns that will support you on your rise above the competition.

  • Careers Site SEO
  • PPC for Careers Sites
  • Paid Social for Careers Sites
  • Careers Site Optimisation

Making Google Jobs work for your brand

Google can be a tricky one to understand, that’s why Tecmark has spent the last 14 years becoming specialists in the search engine so that you don’t have to.

Google for Jobs began in 2018 and quickly became a huge competitor to the headlining online job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor. As a result, Google for Jobs has become a fundamental factor in building careers websites, so having experts in the search engine looking after your campaign is the true key to success.

Employers have a huge scope of rewards to reap from the effective use of Google for Jobs. 


Tecmark’s team are experts in using its features to boost brand presence, pushing you further up in the search results. Having more people see what you’re offering and attracting much more suitable candidates, means that the first impressions of your brand will be one of credibility and authority. 

Passionate about the power of Google, we’ll ensure that any work we do for your business will have the full force of search engines behind it.

See our work in action.

We’re not here to spread buzz words and offer empty promises. Our talent attraction strategies speak for themselves, so take a look at one of our many happy customers. Get in touch and you’ll be able to share in their success too! 


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