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Gain clients and relevant traffic for your accountancy firm with Tecmark’s SEO for accountants.


Specialist SEO for Accountants

Producing results your competitors will envy for years to come, Tecmark’s SEO specialists in Manchester are passionate about setting the new standard in SEO, specifically curating approaches that are designed to suit the unique needs of accountants.

Building a website with solid foundations is the first step and is absolutely vital in any SEO campaign for accountants at Tecmark. Our team will then take this foundation and begin implementing impactful and hard-hitting tactics that take your site to the top of the rankings.

These tactics will vary depending on your business’s unique needs, but all of them will be expertly executed and have been carefully considered each step of the way.

This SEO expertise and ambition extends directly to accountants who are looking for the very best SEO services and marketing strategy possible. Your website requires great content, link building and technical SEO tactics to be slotted into the right place at the right time.

From here, any aspect that is then considered and implemented will continue to be tailored to the needs of your accounting business and will also be monitored closely to ensure they abide by the online regulations of financial services.


How will your accountancy firm benefit from SEO?

Accountants require a level of trust and credibility that can be lacking in a website if SEO specialists haven’t spent time with it. Being able to present every selling point of your services accurately is vital if you’re to grab a potential client’s attention, and your website is likely to be the first thing they interact with.

For many, an accountant is the bridge to financial literacy and is often a highly valuable tool to save the client time and money. Being able to highlight the value of your services can be difficult, especially with so much competition. With the right SEO tactics being implemented, your website can quickly become clear not just for readers to understand and appreciate, but the search engines to promote it.

By delving into the data, Tecmark can pinpoint the search terms made by your specific target audience and outline the gaps in your current site to ensure it’s reaching the top rankings. Avoid falling behind and utilise Tecmark’s expertise to have your site fully optimised so that your value, expertise and trust are front and centre and at the top of search engines’ results.

Without the right SEO tactics being implemented by highly-trained specialists, it’s easy to fall behind the competition.

Our SEO Services for Accountants


Your accountancy firm’s website is the first thing visitors will see when they are introduced to your business and what you have to offer. Our on-page SEO best practices will ensure what you’re offering is up to scratch.

We’d take a thorough look at what you’re website looks like from users’ perspectives, understanding any clear competitor gaps in content or pages that should be added that would not just benefit a user, but improve your rankings within Google.


Technical SEO For Accountants

Actioning technical SEO tactics for your accountant’s SEO strategy is a vital part of the process and Tecmark has spent over 14 years curating methods to ensure they’re tailor-made and the exact right fit for your business. Hitting every target and goal needed to put you ahead of your competitors, our techniques will vary depending on your unique needs but will often include a full website audit to identify any page speed, crawlability, user accessibility and navigational experience issues.

From here, Tecmark’s team will use these results to inform any future decisions, so you can watch your rankings rise and other boosts across your business.



Local SEO is an increasingly important aspect of SEO for accountants. With local SEO, you can ensure your business is being found by customers in your local area. Search engines are placing a higher importance on local searches, so without proper local SEO strategies in place, you could be missing out on valuable relevant traffic.

Tecmark’s local SEO strategies in including listing management, Google Business Profile optimisation, localised landing page creation, and local SEO optimisation throughout your accountancy firm’s website.


Link Building for Accountants

Link building is an incredibly rewarding tactic to include in any process that centres around SEO for accountants. As a long-term process, link building requires a careful and expert-led approach that Tecmark has specialised in for over 14 years.

Taking into account the potential sensitivities and complexities that are often found within the accountancy sector, all link building activities are made with the intention of building a more positive online presence, earning backlinks and placing the brand in front of a highly relevant and converting audience.

Content Marketing for Accountants

Creating content for accountants brings its own unique challenges as having accurate and up-to-date information is imperative. Accountant sites must have accurate and up-to-date information that is easy to understand and guides users to the right service for them.

This type of content marketing can be a challenge to create and requires a specialist approach to ensure it hits all key target points of an SEO campaign, whilst still being appropriate for the site it’s created for.

Content is a key tool that needs to be valued, so whilst this process can be tricky, its value cannot be understated. High-quality, relevant content marketing not only provides your reader with useful information but also tells Google what kind of services you offer. From here, it can begin boosting your business up in the rankings and you can also distribute this content in order to build brand awareness and high-quality backlinks.


Digital PR For Accountants

Digital PR services with Tecmark focus on utilising every aspect your brand has to offer. From creative campaigns to newsjacking, we will make sure your business name and messaging will be in hyper-relevant news publications, boosting traffic and building links in the process.

Our digital PR services utilise high-quality link-building tactics and effective content marketing, working closely with you to help get your brand ahead of your competitors.
At Tecmark, our digital PR experts have efficiently developed their processes to put our 14 years of industry expertise to use, growing brands and winning results for clients.


SEO Consultancy For Accountants

At Tecmark, we take pride in our SEO experience, but we don’t just tell you what needs to be done. We’ll provide you with solutions that will stand the test of time along with clear and easy-to-understand directions on how to action any recommendations we have. Our accountants-focused SEO consultancy service works by collaborating directly with you, so you know you’re getting a tailor-made service that puts the expert’s knowledge in your hands.

Whether your automotive business needs a full technical audit, a scaleable SEO strategy or on-page and off-page changes (or the full package), the consultancy service will leave you with an understanding of SEO opportunities and how to improve your business, along with any potential pitfalls.

Why Choose Tecmark’s SEO for Accountants Services?

Tecmark has been providing award-winning SEO services for accountants for over 14 years and has been leading the charge in innovative solutions in an ever-changing industry. This has been fuelled by our passion and creativity, allowing us to design processes that have allowed accountants to overtake their competitors and reach the top of the ranks.

Over time, we have perfected this blend of ambition and dedication which is why we can proudly say we have a long list of clients that have been enjoying the benefits of our fantastic results for many years.

Setting us apart from the rest, Tecmark’s SEO for accountants can spot gaps in a site, opportunities to beat the competition and specialist tactics that put you in control of the rankings. We’re incredibly driven and motivated to meet those goals and exceed them, allowing us to spot new opportunities and gaps in which we can develop strategies to further boost your business rankings.


We build links and generate leads with your customer in mind to help you build your brand and grow your website & business.

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