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As a digital PR agency, Tecmark incorporates a variety of tactics into a broader SEO strategy to broaden your online presence and build a backlink profile that will boost your profile in organic searches.

Whilst digital PR is different to traditional PR, the premise of blending developed processes with creative tactics to drive impressive results is still the focus for its digital counterpart.

From creative campaigns to newsjacking – PR activity leads to constant communication with the press and as a result, your audience’s attention.

Build links and amplify your brand with Digital PR

Working closely with a digital PR agency gets you through the difficult door of online media. Connecting with key news writers, digital PR services and tactics will give you results that convert by placing your business on the screens of potential customers.

Digital PR services help to build your brand’s online and offline identity, increasing your presence amongst your targeted audience. By consistently creating engaging and useful content that can be transformed into news stories and press releases, let the media amplify your brand’s voice and share what you have to offer.

At Tecmark, we use a variety of strategies:

Media Relations

Media Relations

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Newsjacking Services


Link building

Link Building

Content Marketing Manchester

Content Marketing

Content Outreach


Gain brand awareness and build quality links with Tecmark

By working closely with Tecmark, our team can help your brand’s foot through the door into online media. It’s not an easy task, and having a digital PR agency to create a strategy is key. Our team has combined tried and tested SEO tactics, along with digital PR strategies that are driven by a passionate group of people to drive results that your competition will struggle to reach.

Harnessing the voice of journalists isn’t always straightforward, so by relying on Tecmark’s years of experience, you’ll see your brand’s presence in front of your target audience.

Utilising Tecmark’s expertise, you’ll also see results that bolster your SEO campaign by building links on reputable news sites. By perfecting the process of connecting your brand with key news writers, the team creates engaging and useful content that can be transformed into news stories and press releases. Leveraging strong media relations, these press releases translate into headlines, with your brand at the centre of them. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

Over the last 14 years, we have had the opportunity to work with brands and businesses of all sizes. With a variety of goals and aims, our processes and expertise has benefited our customers to see them achieve the results they asked of us. But don’t just take our word for it…


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