All Google products and services will transform just in time for the public release of the latest version, Android.

Android L will consist of the fabulous ‘Material Design’ – Google’s new layout concept. This will be the first updated version of Android to hit the market since, well, ever! Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t release a new version of the operating system every year, so this really will be something to celebrate.

The Android L incorporates the existing hip, flat designs and injects them with a little more heart. This revamp will be applied to everything from web apps to phones apps. Described by Google as ‘Bold, graphic, intentional’ the design appears fresh, with intentional white space in which the user can jump in and enjoy.

Smartphones die on us at the best of times – we’ve all been there. So, to combat the dreaded constant low battery syndrome Google has made the new Android platform more energy efficient. Users will have more control over their resource usage – so you’re less likely to be caught short when you’re miles from a plug socket.

Google Drive is one of the key services that will get a special makeover. Files and documents are spaced out more, which is a small change but certainly a treat for the user’s eyes. The accessible format means it’s now easier than ever to organise everything from spreadsheets to JPEGs.

Whether it’s a full-size screen, tablet or smartphone, Google has it figured out. The challenge was to create a ‘visual language’ that resonates with users. The visuals combine traditional values of good design with innovative science and technology.

So, at Tecmark, we’re very excited about the Great Google Makeover and hope this is the start of many wonderful developments to come. We might have to say “Move over Apple” but not just yet…

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