When placed correctly, an interactive app can take your business to the next level. With a massive 95% of all 16-24 AND 25-34 UK people owning a smartphone to some degree, the potential stream of users to your app is pretty much endless. However, with great opportunity comes great competition too, in fact, there are over 4 million apps estimated to exist across both the Android and IOS stores. Therefore, to break barriers with yours – you need to be innovative.


2018 saw an abundance of app introductions, yet not all of them were to succeed. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative, creative and brilliant interactive apps seen this year as it draws to a close, and decipher what we can learn from them as we move forward to 2019.

2018’s most innovative apps

If you can’t remember the last time you downloaded a new app, then the chances are that your smartphone needs a refresh. Take note and advice from the below and fill your home screen with 2018’s latest technology and find out how it can transform the way you use your mobile.

For Practicality… Google Lens

What is it? Google is one of the industries top innovative leaders, and they’re always at the forefront of any groundbreaking technological advances in their field. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they released perhaps THE most innovative app this year – namely the ”˜Google Lens’.

innovative apps

Image source: Engadget

You need to look no further than this app to know what the future of search looks like. Though it was originally only available to Pixel phones, in June this year the company launched a standalone Android app for the feature. Google Lens uses your smartphone’s camera to scan the world around you and provide information about the objects it detects. Recognising anything from plants to dog breeds, landmarks to artwork. As far as innovation goes – this one truly tops it.

What can we learn from it? Google always shows and reinforces to us that when it comes to tech and digital, the industry knows no boundaries. Years ago, mobile phones didn’t even exist, then they came without cameras, and only now can you use your camera to search. Google Lens shows the world that local SEO is the driving point of modern technology, as it becomes a part of our everyday lives.

Where can I find it? Google Lens is available on the Play Store and Android, and its accompanying tool – Google Photos, is available on IOS too. Learn more here.

For Gaming Innovation… FORTNITE

What is it? If there’s one thing to learn about interactive apps – it’s that they can come in all shapes, forms and sorts. The most popular apps embody social and productivity themes, but following closely behind is gaming apps. And Fortnite is a leading example of just how popular these can be.

innovative apps

Source: Youtube

Fortnite became a global sensation overnight, and when Epic Games launched the mobile version just a few months ago it quickly became one of the most popular titles in the App Store too, raking in $100 million in its first three months alone.

What can we learn from it? Fornite shows us that your product can perform well across several platforms. Though primarily popular on the Xbox, figures show that the game was still a smash-hit on mobile too. Many would think that interactive games are a dying art, but Fornite – embracing the utmost innovation – proves that theory wrong.

Where can I find it? Available across most platforms, you can find out more about downloading Fornite here.

For Creativity… 500px

What is it? Though not strictly speaking a new app for 2018 – 500px’s latest feature is, and it’s the epitome of innovation and creativity. The photo-editing and storage app unveiled a new search feature this year, called ”˜Splash’, that lets you input a Microsoft Paint-style sketch of what you’re looking for, then returns dozens of suggestions for landscapes, animals, portraits, and travel photography.

Similarly to Google Lens, Splash allows you to search for something that you might not be able to place with words. It paves the way for app ideas in 2019. And what’s more – it works. How do we know? Well, because we tried it out. See Splash in action below.

Here’s what we drew…

innovative apps

And here’s what Splash thought it was…

innovative apps

Given the standard of the drawing, we’ll take that any day!

What can we learn from it? 500px once again reinforces how important local search and SEO is becoming. Search is one of the most popular actions performed on mobile, and billions of users are conducting searches every single day. Our way of searching is becoming increasingly sophisticated if not a little zany – but the importance of search still stands.

Where can I find it? You can try it out for yourself here. (Because you know you want to)

For Functionality… SPINE Alarm Clock

Proving that it’s not always the most intricate apps that are the most effective – The spine alarm clock is the brainchild of a creative idea to get deep sleepers up in the morning. Instead of hitting snooze, as many so often do, this interactive mobile app doesn’t stop ringing until you get up and spin around.

innovative apps 2

Source: Pinterest

Simple, yet it works. Making good use of smartphone’s savvy features such as motion detection – this app makes sure that can’t try to spin your phone while still in bed and pretend you’re up, it’s smarter than you think.

What can we learn from it? This innovative mobile app proves the effectiveness of honing in on a common problem and creating a solution for it. An app doesn’t have to be overly complex to work well, in fact – as a rule, the easier it is to use, the lower the bounce rate. Spina makes good use of built-in smartphone features yet doesn’t complicate things – and we think it’s great.

Where can I find it? The Spina alarm clock app can be found on IOS and Android here.

For Geofencing… Chester Zoo

What is it? Chester Zoo’s interactive app is award-winning for a reason. This free feature knows where you are in the park and can recommend places to visit, as well as pointing out places to eat or toilets – which comes in handy given how large the attraction is.

innovative apps

Source: Prolific North

And that’s not all the app can do, either. You can also book tickets and find out Zoo information on it too. Handy reminders mean you’ll never miss a show, and in-app interactive games are a hit with the kids.

What can we learn from it? The Chester Zoo app proves that your app can be a multi-tool of success. Not only does it present prolific geofencing efforts, demonstrating exactly how this feature can help upsell and create profits, but it also examples how an app can be used for a whole range of features and be successful for every single one. From booking tickets to navigating… even to keep the kids entertained – the Chester Zoo app exemplifies a great effort in each one and shows how successful multi-functional features can be.

Where can I find it? You can download the Chester Zoo app on iPhone and Android and can learn more about it here.

For Augmented Reality… Pokémon Go

What is it? Pok̩mon Go has enjoyed huge successes over the past couple of years and is a perfect example of how augmented reality can be used in everyday life for entertainment purposes. Those with the app can seek out various Pokemon and catch them, but what makes this game different is how the augmented reality function means that you can catch them on the go. And, when playing, the app uses a camera feature to let users explore the areas around them. Through your smartphone, Pokemon jump out right in front of you Рand some places around the world have even become hotspots for rare Pokemon.

The Most Innovative Apps of 2018 - And What We Can Learn From Them 1

Source: Gadgets 360

According to its creators – Niantic Labs – as of 2017, the app was downloaded a staggering 650 million times (which of course now we should only expect to have grown). Proving, of course, just how successful interactive smartphone apps can be, no matter what purposes they are used for.

What can we learn from it?

Well, not only does Pok̩mon Go prove that innovative mobile apps can be largely successful Рbut it also gives a stunning example of how Virtual Reality can be used for entertainment purposes. Still undeniably popular in 2018 Рthis app has a long shelf life and is a great example of how affluent apps can be for your brand.

Think an app would be right for your business after taking inspiration from our best apps of 2018, but not sure where to start? Tecmark specialises in app development and can help take your business to the next level. Give us a call to find out more.