Many may not think that images can make a difference in generating traffic to a website with there being no text to link to, however, Google is smarter than you may think. Algorithms have advanced beyond reading code Google can now register themes and even words within an image, making them a valuable attribute to boosting your SEO.

To use image distribution effectively, we need to cover the basics:

  • What is Image Link Building?
  • What is an Attribution Link?

Understanding these key terms will make sure you are optimising outreach for any images you produce.

What is Image Link Building?

Image link building is a simple way of achieving high-quality links by providing relevant, and, of course, high-quality photos. But what images should I produce? You might ask.

Well, things to consider are the demand for images as well as their relevance. Keep an eye on the news and what the world is talking about; even a scroll through trending hashtags on Twitter can give you great insights by understanding the interests of your client. You can use the platforms Google Trends and Think With Google’s Rising Retail Trends to see what clients are searching for most and you can filter trends to your business’ deliverables.

An example if you were a coffee chain supplier, Google Trends shows that the ”˜Breville Iced Coffee Maker is a breakout query under the search ”˜coffee’. With this information, you know that photos of this appliance are more likely to be noticed and if you produce photos of this maker, you will grow your online presence through attribution links.

Get a more in-depth look at image link building in our Image Link Building Guide.

What is an Attribution Link?

An attribution link is when there is a link that gives credit to the source of an image. Hosting your images through platforms like ”˜Flickr’ make it easy to find whilst ”˜Creative Commons’ can act as your attribution guide, making it easier to track where your images are being used – and if you are being credited or not.

Tecmark even tried it

As an experiment, we took some shots of our Manchester office view, placed it on Flickr and here we are; local papers are using our photos on an almost daily basis, linking back to Tecmark’s website.

This proves that you don’t need to run a huge and expensive campaign to achieve excellent coverage and links; it can be a, very well taken photo!

What is an attribution link?

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