Our very own Stacey MacNaught is joining the Digital Elite Camp as one of the speakers next week, and I am the lucky one who’s going with Stacey and will keep you in the loop with what’s happening at the conference.

We will be jetting off to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on Sunday. Our three days at the conference will be filled with exciting talks from digital marketers from all around the world.

All presentations and networking will be focused on traffic and conversion, and we can’t wait.

So what are we looking forward to at Digital Elite Camp?

Paul Rouke, who’s the founder and CEO of PRWD, will kick off the event on Monday morning, talking about ”˜Tackling the global pandemic that is bullshit optimisation’.

Karl Gilis, from AGConsult, a Belgium-based company, will focus on how to make sure your new website won’t be a failure.

And we’re also excited to see trained scriptwriter and copywriter Amy Harrison and her presentation about the science of screenwriting for online marketers and copywriters.

Peep Laja, from ConversionXL, will talk about some of the original UX research studies ConversionXL Institute has conducted over the last months. An inspiration for effective tests and website changes.

Nilan Peiris starts the second day with his talk about ”˜product = people’ and how finding its cause helped TransferWise build an evangelical brand and drive product-driven growth.

Stacey will then take the stage with her presentation about content marketing that delivers tangible value because no one pays the bill in ”˜social shares’.

We’re quite excited to hear Phil Nottingham from Wistia, who will focus on CRO with video: tips, tricks and tactics. We’ll make sure we share these with you through our blog.

Chris Mercer, from Seriously Simple Marketing, will reveal how top marketers are using Google Tag manager to improve their sales & leads.

Make sure you watch this space for brief reports while we’re there, as well as our Twitter page.

Stacey will be tweeting here, and you can see my 120 characters long thoughts here.

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