Building a good lead generation website for accountants can feel time-consuming and complicated – however, in the age of the internet, it’s the best answer to the question of how to get more leads as an accountancy firm.

We reviewed over 200 accounting websites and identified the characteristics of the ones enjoying the most conversions, so you don’t have to.

Implementing some (or all) of these strategies will help you generate more traffic, provide a better user experience and improve your conversion rate. This in turn will generate more leads to your accountancy firm.

How To Get More Inbound Leads With Your Accountancy Website

The following aspects are present within almost all high-performing websites for accountants:

  1. Great design and navigation

The average user doesn’t want to waste time trawling through a complicated site layout to find the service they’re interested in.

A good example of an accountancy website features a search bar and a clear menu, allowing visitors to find the page they need within a couple of clicks. It should also display your contact information as often as feels organic.

Finally, it’s a good idea to include links to other online content belonging to your firm – such as any social media accounts that members of the public can follow.

  2. Clear, concise information

A consistent and engaging tone of voice is extremely important in websites for accountants, as is the inclusion of all vital information.

Anything that seems in any way excessive should be avoided. It’s a good idea to include a homepage, one landing page per specialism or service area and a page featuring a map of your location, your contact details or a contact form. You need very little else besides.

Other simple and well-designed interactive elements should also be considered, such as loan, mortgage or tax calculators and bookkeeping tools.

  3. Testimonials and reviews


It’s a very good idea to encourage clients to leave reviews on Google or other relevant platforms. Displaying positive write-ups is a sure-fire way to build trust in your brand. You don’t need to create a new page to do this – in fact, we recommend that you display a widget that features on every page of your site and automatically updates every time a positive review is posted.

 4. An engaging blog

Keeping and regularly updating a blog is a great way to show that your firm remains constantly in touch with the latest developments within its field. Posts that comment on current affairs or contain straightforward but detailed guides to a relevant area of practice or specialist accounting technique will always go down extremely well on a lead generation website for accountants.

  5. SEO optimised content

SEO optimisation - Tecmark

While the above features will improve the feel of your site, there remains the question of how to get more leads as an accountancy firm through their use. The answer is that none of these elements will achieve their full potential without thorough Search Engine Optimisation.

The page copy and blog content of any lead generation website for accountants should always contain as many top keywords and search terms as is organically possible.

This will direct the right potential clients to your services, as every time an individual uses a search engine to look up a term that is contained in your website content, you’ll appear among the top results.

Of course, it’s important to avoid stuffing your pages with keywords to the extent that the grammar and feel of the text suffers, but forgetting to optimise the SEO of your site will mean that it is likely to be overlooked in favour of a competitor who has taken full advantage of this technique.

The question of how to get more leads as an accountancy firm can be resolved by ensuring that you always follow these basic steps:

  • Consider your site’s design. Keep it simple and user friendly.
  • Keep all information clear and easy to understand, and present it in a consistent, professional tone of voice.
  • Publicly share as many positive reviews as you can
  • Keep blog content up to date, relevant and interesting
  • Always include multiple instances of top keywords in a way that feels natural act

Any lead generation website for accountants should feature these elements to be successful. Come up with an ongoing plan to keep on top of your site’s performance, and be ready to accept the additional leads it generates as a result.