Google Rolling Out User Experience Recommendations in Page Speed Tool

One of our search team members noticed some changes to Google’s Page Speed Tool this morning, with the rollout of ‘User Experience’ recommendations for mobile. It appears Google is now taking a view on whether ‘tap targets’ (buttons, links etc) are ‘too small’ for users on mobile touchscreen devices: If we run the Co-Operative Bank website [...]

Do you know when to put your smartphone down?

We are all addicted to our smartphones. Admitting we have a problem is the first step to recovery. We use our smartphones for everything, from work, shopping, social media, to catching up on the news and television we’ve missed. But if we are constantly using our smartphones, how do we find the time to do [...]

The smartphone users who just don’t put it down!

We all know that Brits are compulsive smartphone users and are using their devices to shop, chat, network, play games and browse. We’ve all read the studies about what Brits are doing on their phones, but what we wanted to know (just for fun!) is where and when they’re doing it! So, we asked 1,000 Brits [...]

Tecmark’s Stacey Cavanagh Set to Speak at SearchLove 2013

We’re proud to announce that Tecmark’s Head of Search, Stacey Cavanagh, will be speaking at this year’s SearchLove event in London. Stacey has been invited to take the stage alongside some of the industry’s biggest names, including Will Reynolds, Aleyda Solis, Peep Laja, Kelvin Newman and Will Critchlow. Stacey will be sharing 36 tips, tricks [...]

NHS Website: Web Traffic, Content, Organic and Mobile Stats

Between January 2013 and July 2013, over half of the web traffic to came from a mobile device or tablet. And yet in spite of this, the site (which serves as a vital information portal) isn’t mobile ready. That was just one stat that jumped out at us following our recent Freedom of Information [...]

100% (Not Provided) Isn’t the End of the World

Quick! Stock up on tinned food and make your way to the bunker. 100% (not provided) data is landing. When I woke up yesterday morning and checked Twitter (yes, I do that before I get out of bed. Don’t judge me), I noticed a lot of people talking about this article on Search Engine Land. [...]

Link Building Monopoly – Just for Fun!

This week, we’re collectively over-excited about our new board game. Yes, board game. We’ve had our own shiny version of Monopoly produced. Allow us to show off our very own ‘Link Building Monopoly.’ We’re a bit in love with it. We listed a load of link building tactics and related activities and tried to put [...]

Brighton SEO 2013 – Our Slides and Some Video Hacks!

Three of our search team spent Friday in Brighton for the twice-yearly Brighton SEO conference. Across 3 different tracks, speakers covered topics including making the most of video, international link building and outreach, optimising for Baidu, Yandex and other search engines and turning a solid idea into a national PR and SEO success story. I [...]

The Penguin’s on its Way (Again!)

Matt Cutts warned informed SEOs back in March 2013 that this year would see the launch of the next generation of the Penguin algorithm. He touted this as an update that would be amongst the most talked about of the year. We can be sure that means that it’s big! But other than ‘this year’ [...]