How to generate 108 ideas in 30 minutes – Guaranteed

Professor Bernd Rohrbach first revealed his innovative method in 1968.

He needed:

– Six people

– A question or problem

– A five-minute timer

Each person is given five minutes to write three answers to the problem.

After five minutes, each person passes their worksheet clockwise. After five more five-minute rounds, you’re done.

Every five minutes the team produces 18 ideas, bringing the final tally to 108 in just 30 minutes.

But there’s one big problem with professor Rohrbach’s method: everyone had to be in the same room.

Bringing the 635 Brainwriting method to modern business

Now updated to meet modern-day needs, your team can use the Tecmark 635 tool remotely.

By bringing brainwriting online, up to 10 people in different places can take part.

And you can also make other changes to suit your idea generation needs.

What are the advantages?

Straightforward, quick and easy to learn

Start with a group as small as two people – or as big as

Encourages sharing and exchanging knowledge

Change the amount of rounds, and length of rounds, to suit you

Try out Tecmark 635 today!

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