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Getting the technical SEO foundations of a website nailed is crucial to a website’s overall health and organic search visibility. Effective technical SEO allows your website to be easily rendered, crawled, and indexed by Google so it can perform at its maximum potential against your competitors.

If you’re looking to get ahead in your industry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you crawl up the rankings with a technical advantage while giving your other marketing efforts a boost in the process.

For the past 13 years, Tecmark has provided clients with technically excellent websites to ensure success and improve their digital presence.

From in-depth technical and site speed audits to website migrations and penalty removal, our technical SEO agency delivers industry-leading expertise to drive real value and ROI.

Build up your technical SEO foundations

Search engines respond well to a smooth-running site. Without nailing the technical aspects of your website, you can’t know how well your marketing campaigns could really perform. 

Technical SEO isn’t just a checklist, nor is it an extra part of an SEO – it’s essential to improving your online visibility and giving your website the best possible chance of ranking at the top of the search results pages. 

Not only do technical SEO services help you rank, but they also help futureproof your site from further issues, giving you excellent technical foundations to build on in the future.

Our Technical SEO Services

Every website is unique, so we take a bespoke approach to identifying what’s slowing you down, and provide the technical expertise necessary to tackle it. Our technical SEO services include:

Technical SEO Audit & Analysis

Our in-depth technical SEO audits provide us with a jumping-off point for website improvements, finding indexing issues, redirect issues, and 404s.

We’ll quickly identify areas of weakness that have quick-win solutions while creating a prioritised strategy that highlights any technical issues that could be holding you back. After the audit, we provide an actionable list that is easy to understand and work through

Google Penalty Removal

Been hit by a Google penalty? Our technical SEOs provide penalty recovery services, and will work with you to understand when and why you received the penalty. We perform a detailed analysis of your content, keyword density, and link profiles to help successfully remove the penalty and get your rankings back on track.

Schema Markup Implementation

Ever heard of rich results and featured snippets? Schema markup is the key to that. We’ll make sure each page has the proper schema markup implemented to ensure you’re pages will stand out in the SERPS with FAQ schema, review schema, product schema, and more.

Information Architecture

Having a good website structure is crucial to being successful in organic search. Our technical SEO experts will perform extensive data analysis to detect behaviour of search engine crawlers, and take actions necessary to ensure your information architecture is logical and easily understood by Google.

Mobile SEO

While it’s no secret that mobile users are constantly growing, Google has become a big fan of mobile-friendly sites, and in 2018 switched to mobile-first indexing. This means it’s crucial to any business to ensure that their website is not just mobile-friendly, but mobile-index ready.

Our technical SEO experts will make sure your mobile site provides a fast and seamless mobile experience.

Our Technical SEO Clients

Our success speaks for itself. We’ve worked with, and continue to work with, some of the biggest brands in Manchester and around the UK.

B&M Stores
Holiday Gems
Bupa Cromwell Hospital

Technical SEO Consultancy

At Tecmark, we take pride in our technical SEO knowledge, and we want to share it. We won’t just tell you what needs to be done and give you a fix-it list without explanation. Our technical SEO consultant service is based on bringing you the best technical SEO expertise around to help you achieve your business goals.

We take a collaborative approach to our work with you and helping you understand the value of technical SEO opportunities and trade-offs, so you can make successful, scalable decisions for your organisation. 

We start with a full, in-depth technical audit, so we can understand your current website and see where it’s underperforming, and identify any issues with indexing, duplicate content, redirects, image optimisations, schema opportunities, and a whole lot more.

We’ll give you a shopping list of tasks that will help you nail your technical SEO. You can then undertake this work yourself, or use Tecmark’s technical SEO team to do it for you!

We’ll then provide you with best practice guidelines for any SEO issues you may come across, such as optimisation best practices, technical SEO best practices, and more.

With technical SEO consulting, you will: 

  • Get a true understanding of your website’s SEO performance
  • Gain insight into your competitor’s, the market, and what’s trending
  • Learn technical SEO best practices to help futureproof your website
  • Receive a full list of actionable items that will improve website performance
  • Have direct access to a Technical SEO expert
  • Get ongoing support and clear communication throughout

Why work with Tecmark?

We’re passionate about technical SEO and even more so about seeing the results. We value honesty, knowledge, and evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best technical expertise that Manchester and the UK has to offer – not just smoke and mirrors.

Unlike other technical SEO agencies, we act as an extension of your brand. That means learning what a good ROI looks like to you, and understanding how new objectives will affect the next phase of your marketing campaigns. Our approach to SEO is always led by your business needs and agile without compromise.

Our work is always set on one goal: conversions. As technical best practices and SEO strategies evolve, we’ll ensure that both align.

And if something isn’t working, we’ll say so. We’re brand partners, not ‘yes’ people. Tecmark is focused on getting the absolute most from your investment – whether that’s for a one-off project or continuous technical SEO services.

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