Delivering success with data-driven content marketing

From gathering data sets to completing data analysis, our team are experts at teasing out the best stories.

Stories like the growth of mobile access to the internet and how smartphones are slowly taking over our lives.

Stories that gain social media traction, backlinks, media coverage and brand visibility.

Data-driven content works for all businesses

From small businesses making national headlines through their own research to large organisations driving conversions and assisted conversions by repurposing their own data collection, we understand how to maximise data-driven content marketing.

Our work with Holiday Gems produced ‘Where Should I Go On Holiday?’, an interactive quiz that transforms data submitted by users into direct and assisted conversions.

The advantages of well-executed data-driven content marketing include transparency, authority, value and education.

But good data-driven content is still rare

We’ve been using data in our own content marketing since 2010.

So while others are still getting up to speed, we’re ahead of the curve – and we intend to stay there.

Why Work with Tecmark

Custom Solutions

When it comes to SEO, there is no “one size fits all” solution. We partner with you from the beginning to create bespoke digital strategies that suit the needs of your business. As your goals change, so do ours.

Collaborative Digital Agency

We are a collaborative digital agency that can manage your website and digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. From designing and building your project, to populating it with engaging SEO copy and gaining backlinks, we combine bespoke digital solutions to increase engagement, build your audience and grow your brand.

Experienced Specialists

Our team of specialists have decades of experience in delivering high quality digital marketing and integrated SEO campaigns. Whether you’re a new business looking to build your online presence, or you’re an established company seeking support for your marketing department, our specialists can help.