Writing For The Web

A Copywriting Guide

How To Make Your Copy More Engaging, More Effective And Get SEO Approval

Use brilliant writing to grab your reader’s attention – and keep it

When your prospect comes calling, don’t let bad writing undo your hard work.

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What’s included

  • A guide to plain English – and a hidden secret to measure your writing.​
  • 10 style tips that make your writing more compelling.​
  • An introduction to SEO and keyword planning.​
  • The best ways to use header tags.​
  • Five keys to the perfect meta description.​

But that’s not all…

Get 3 Added Bonuses: Featuring 123 Pages of Digital Marketing Insight

When you download Writing For The Web, we’ll also give you access to three digital marketing ebooks:

Quality Content on Scale, Multi-Screen Matters and Stack The Deck.

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