If you’re like us, you may feel like your “normal” world has shifted around you. The days of long commutes, coffee breaks, and happy hours have turned into zoom meetings, socially distanced walks and Netflix binging.

Luckily for us, we’re spoiled for choice with entertainment to keep us occupied, whether it’s the latest bestseller, a new series to stream, or the latest blockbuster out. But if you’re feeling like you need a break from your screens (hello, Zoom fatigue), we recommend getting into podcasts!

There’s nothing better than tuning in to a great podcast. Whether you’re cooking, decluttering, or going out for a walk, podcasts are a great way to get clued up on your favourite topics, be they brand strategy or entrepreneurship while getting to tune out the rest of the world. What a winning combo.

Nowadays, celebrities, teachers, influencers, and you guessed it, anyone with a microphone and something to say have their regular show. While most of them are generally high quality, dozens can pop up covering the same theme, so they can be a little hit and miss.

To help you get started finding your new favourite on International Podcast Day 2020, we’ve curated a list of our top podcast recommendations, both marketings related and otherwise.

From famous podcasts that everyone’s talking about to the under-the-radar gems that we’ve uncovered, treat yourself (and your ears) to these podcasts we’re sure you’ll love.

Marketing and Business Podcasts We Recommend:


The CMO Podcast

The CMO Podcast

There are a lot of digital marketing podcasts to listen to, but this one stands out. Hosted by Jim Stengel, CMO for Proctor and Gamble, this podcast hosts marketing officers from around the globe and provides great insight into how brands are adapting to suit customer needs. Adam Petrick’s (Puma) stop on the show is a personal favourite of mine, where he discusses how COVID-19 has affected his team and strategy.


Everyone Hates Marketers Podcast

Everyone Hates Marketers

Hosted by Louis Grenier, Everyone Hates Marketers is a no-nonsense weekly podcast for those of us who are sick of shady, aggressive marketing tactics. In each episode, Grenier interviews marketers and entrepreneurs on how they’re “doing” marketing the right way, with actionable insights and great, no-fluff tips. The podcast focuses on good, honest efforts to increase leads and long-term profits.


Masters of scale

Masters of Scale

This original podcast has some top-class guests from the world of business and entrepreneurship. Hosted by Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner, each episode offers plenty to learn about what has and hasn’t worked from some of the world’s leading companies. Recent guests have included: Founder and CEO of Peloton, John Foley, Co-founder and CEO of Hearsay, Clara Shih, and Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation.


Finding Mastery

Finding Mastery

Performance psychologist and host, Dr Michael Gervais, interviews some of the best in the world to see how they master their craft. Each episode features people excelling in difficult environments and provides insights into the mental skills used to push boundaries and improve performance. 

Dr Gervais’ unique perspective provides many takeaways from each episode. Past guests have included: Microsoft CFO Amy Hood, Ultra-marathoner David Goggins, two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion Carli Lloyd, and many others!


Other Podcasts We Love:


The High Low Podcast

The High Low Podcast

This podcast has the perfect balance between high and low brow culture. Hosted by two women, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, each week they discuss everything from the current black lives matter movement and the removal of monuments to Gogglebox and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Light-hearted yet informative! 


Redhanded Podcast


This podcast features two girls from London, who met at University and soon bonded over their mutual love of true crime. Since 2017, they’ve gathered weekly to discuss everything from serial killers and disturbing mysteries to hauntings and human possessions. Funny, terrifying and everything in between! 


crime junkie

Crime Junkie

Another true crime one for you! Hosted by two girls who grew up together in Indiana, they discuss all things, serial killers, frequently having guests on the show who are in law enforcement to offer their take on cases or even people who have been involved in a crime first hand. The show also has a major following–with over 207 million listeners a week tuning in to hear the suspenseful chats!


Off Menu

Off Menu 

Hosted by comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster, this show sees the duo and their special guests go to the “dream restaurant” of that week, where the guests pick four courses plus a drink to create their perfect meal. The guests range from fellow comedians, such as Dara O’Brian and Katherine Ryan, to well-known foodies, like Jay Rayner and Tom Kerridge. It’s a great choice for a laugh, some major food envy, and even some restaurant recommendations.


The High Performance Podcast


This podcast, hosted by Jake Humphries, current BT Premier League anchor, and Damian Hughes, leading organisational psychologist, is home to a plethora of great conversations with some of the leading names in sport and business. Featuring insightful discussions with the likes of Frank Lampard, Sir Chris Hoy, Phil Neville, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, each episode takes a hard look at the behaviours that made them successful and what drives them. 


Watts Occuring


A light-hearted podcast for those cycling enthusiasts out there! Hosting by Geraint Thomas and Luke Rowe, this podcast lets listeners take a peek into the life of one of the world’s best cycling teams. The pair give a funny and realistic take into the world of cycling, with some unrelated tangents thrown in here and there.


Eddie Hearn: No Passion, no point

Eddie Hearn: No Passion, No Point

Released in 2019, this podcast, hosted by Eddie Hearn, gets a behind the scenes look at the lives of some of the biggest names in sports, politics and entertainment to hear about their careers, their dedication, and the hard work that goes into being at the top. With impressive guests, spot-on questions, and some great banter, it’s an oldie but goodie.


F1 Beyond the Grid Podcast

F1: Beyond the Grid

Any Formula 1 fan about? Tom Clarkson hosts this show that provides in-depth conversations with some big names in F1, from current superstar drivers and team bosses to legendary figures from the sport. Beyond the Grid brings you amazing anecdotes and great stories from the fanatical world of Formula 1 racing.