The White iPhone 4 is Coming….

… but not until the end of the year according to UK network provider, Orange.

Apple recently announced the release of the white model of its iPhone 4 has been delayed until “later this year,” but Orange has done one step further in specifying that it will actually be the end of the year before we can get our hands on one.

Whether or not Orange have more information than us, the consumer, isn’t clear. You’d think they might though. Either way, the company has been emailing customers to tel them it won’t be arriving until the end of the year and encouraging them instead to gethold of the black one now.

This will be somewhat disappoing for British consumers who’ve held off on their purchase in the hope of the white iPhone putting in an appearance sooner rather than later. But by the time it hits UK shores, the iPhone 4 will be approaching 6 months old!

The logical question might be, “Does is make any difference?” If you really want a white one, can’t you just get a white cover? Evidently, though, for some people, it really does make a difference, with many consumer resorting to carrying out some cosmetic surgery on their new gadgets. Tech site, Engadget released a ‘how-to’ on making your iPhone white. Unless you’re pretty handy with DIY, though, we wouldn’t recommend it and it’s also worth pointing out that doing that to your phone is likely to void any warranty you have!

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