iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iPhone took the Smartphone market by storm when it hit stores in 2007, with a handset and OS that revolutionised the way we browse from our mobiles.

Three years later and there are more than 2 million iPhone users in the UK alone and some 30 million worldwide, almost all of whom regularly use their phone to browse the web.

The iPhone boasts an impressive 15% share of the UK’s Smartphone market, a number that looks set to rise over 2010.

iPhone Apps

The App Store arrived shortly after the iPhone did and now boasts 185,000 different apps. These range from e-commerce type apps right through to gaming applications. More than three billion downloads have taken place from the App Store, a number that will almost certainly rise further still with the imminent release of the iPad.

iPad App Developer

The iPad is Apple’s new tablet, released in the US in April 2010 and set for UK release at the end of May 2010. Developers were delighted to find out that the device is completely back compatible, meaning that the 185,000 apps currently on the Apple App Store will also run on the iPad.

The iPad sold 300,000 units on its first day alone in the US, telling us that the massive anticipated success of the product could be even great than originally thought. iPad app developers at Tecmark can take your idea and design and develop an iPad app that will appeal to the potentially massive iPad user base.

iPhone App Developer

At Tecmark Apps, we have a skilled team of developers and designers specialising in iPad and iPhone Application development. We can help develop your idea and turn it into an app that will reach the millions of iPhone users.

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