Windows Phone 7

The Windows Mobile operating system is Microsoft’s contribution to the world of Smartphones. It’s been around since long before the iPhone however, with its first version finding its way to the shops in 2000. The OS is used on handsets by many of the major manufacturers. Windows Mobile is particularly popular with business users, accounting for a very healthy 24% of enterprise Smartphone users.

With the imminent release of the new Windows Phone 7 Series, there’s a surge in user numbers anticipated.

Windows Mobile Apps

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Marketplace is the central hub for app purchases. There’s all manner of both free and paid apps available, ranging from maps utilities, to social media and communications apps to games! There are literally thousands available.

Windows Mobile App Developers

With so many handsets running the Windows Mobile Operating System, releasing an app specifically for Window Mobile is a great way to tap into that market!

Tecmark Apps can see to every step of the application creation process. With our expertise, we can take your idea and develop it fully into a detailed spec. Our talented Windows Mobile App developers can then create a functional application that will appeal to mobile users, while our creative designers will ensure your app has a great look and feel.

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