Mobile Apps Partner Program

Provide mobile applications to your client base through Tecmark

The Tecmark Channel Program has been designed to enable businesses to further enhance their product offering, fulfill unmet customer requirements and ultimately to deliver an additional revenue stream into the bottom line.

Our partner program is not a simple “mobile apps outsourcing” program. Instead, it’s a collaboration focused on delivering a healthy revenue stream to the partners, to Tecmark and delivering first class mobile applications to the end user.

To facilitate ease of entry into the Mobile Application market, our Channel Partner Program has no set up fee and no ongoing fees.

Mobile Apps Reseller/White Labeled Scheme

With the Reseller scheme, you can offer mobile application design, development and marketing to your products under your branding.

Mobile Apps Affiliate Scheme

Through the Tecmark mobile apps affiliate scheme, the end user is fully aware of Tecmark’s involvement in their application development. Tecmark branding will be visible on documentation sent to the client, though in many cases we dual brand any proposals.

Mobile App Partner Classification

Service Category Type of Partner
Reseller Affiliate
White-labeled Yes No
Dual branded No Yes
Tecmark branded No Yes
First line technical support No Yes
First line customer service No Yes
Commisson based No Yes
Margin based Yes No
End user billing responsibility Reseller Tecmark
End-user contract ownership Reseller Tecmark
Pre-sales technical support Yes Yes
Sales support Yes Yes
Collateral support Un-branded Branded
Sales forecast commitment No No
Marketing campaigns Yes Yes
Payment terms 30 days 30 days

If you’re interested in joining the Tecmark Channel Partner Program, get in touch today.

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