RIM’s Blackberry handsets have enjoyed phenomenal success. It’s been ten years since the first handset hit stores and last year, Blackberry sold its 50 millionth device! Blackberry has an impressive 19% share of the UK’s Smartphone market (compared to the iPhone’s 15%).

Blackberry users enjoy their mobile browsing, with almost all of them using their mobiles to access their email or the web.

Blackberry Apps

The official application store, Blackberry App World, was launched in 2009 as an outlet for games, utilities and other applications for Blackberry handsets. It has since seen thousands of contributions from developers and thousands more downloads!

Blackberry App Developers

As a mobile platform that accounts for almost one fifth of Smartphones in the United Kingdom, it’s impossible to ignore the potential marketing or brand awareness through Blackberry App Development.

Our team of designers and Blackberry App Developers can take design and develop and fully functional app from your idea.

Get in touch today to find out how we can get your brand onto the Blackberry.

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