Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

Essentially, online reputation management is managing your brand perception online. This involves:

  • Being aware of what people are saying about your brand online.
  • Responding appropriately where applicable to what is being said.
  • Building up and maintaining a positive, open and honest profile of your company or brand on the Internet.

Why does Online Reputation Management matter?

Over 80% of consumers now use the internet to research potential purchases before actually making them. In some cases, these people may even eventually buy offline, but the research starts on the Internet.

Search engines such as Google make it very easy for consumers to find out more about your company. If someone searches your business name, your website is likely to be the first result. But by default, there are 10 results on a page. The other nine could be anything from newspaper articles mentioning your company to forums or blogs discussing your business.

Forums and blogs are open platforms that enable absolutely anybody to express their opinion and make it public for potentially millions of people to see. If you receive negative online ‘press’ through blogs and forums, there is a real potential risk that your would-be customers will be put off purchasing from you on the grounds of someone else’s opinion online.

Online reputation management is means through which your company can become prominent on the Internet and build up a positive brand perception so that when your potential customers search for your company, they’ll feel confident about buying from you.

Online Reputation Management with Tecmark

At Tecmark, our speciality is the online aspect of marketing and reputation management specifically. We have an in depth understanding of the importance of a positive online brand reputation and how to achieve that.

We constantly monitor what is being said online about your brand and manage this as appropriate while actively building up a positive online profile for your company.

Tecmark invests plenty of time into getting to know your business, your target market and your expectations of our service to ensure a productive relationship and successful online reputation management strategy.

Get in touch today to find out how Tecmark can help you to create a positive brand perception and reputation online.

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