Call freephone 0800 numbers from your mobile using your bundled minutes.

The Numberstore app was developed by Tecmark for Zimo Communications. It’s a solution to a pretty annoying problem! Ever noticed that when you dial freephone numbers from your mobile, you get charged high rates, even if you have an allowance of bundled minutes remains?

Zimo Communications came to Tecmark with a means of getting around the problem! Using Zimo’s existing technology, Tecmark created an application that will convert 0800, 0808 and 0500 freephone numbers into standard geographic numbers. Simply dial your freephone number into the app and it will fetch the right geographic number from Zimo’s Numberstore database. That means your freephone call will count against any bundled minutes you may have and even if you have no minutes left, you’ll still only be charged the standard rate.