iPhone 5???

Ok, so just when you think you finally have the most recent Apple model and arguably the best Smart Phone on the market, the rumour mill begins turning and you need to start saving up for the next one! Yes, it was, perhaps, inevitable that the iPhone 5 rumours would start. I wasn’t expecting them quite so quickly myself, though!

However, with the negative press concerning the iPhone 4 “death grip,” I very much doubt that Steve Jobs and co mind the speculation.

If, however, you’re getting dizzy trying to keep up with all of Apple’s latest gizmos and gadgets, you probably won’t welcome the news.

Not to worry though. This really is just blogger speculation at present and it’s unlikely we’ll see any new iPhone models (with the exception of the white iPhone 4) any time soon.

However, if the speculation is (very hypothetically of course) in any way remotely accurate, then Apple’s next smart phone might well be getting even smarter. Apple has already filed patents around NFC or ‘Near Field Technology,’ and the rumour is that this is with a view to incorporating some elements of this into the next phone model. This could effectively turn your iPhone into a debit or credit card. Pretty impressive.

But let’s not get too carried away, right? It’s probably a long time coming!

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