Good Shot was developed by Tecmark for games designer Sanjay Purswani.

Inspired by Duck Hunt (one of the two games bundled with the Nintendo NES when it was released in 1984), it’s a satisfying slice of stripped-back arcade action that will appeal to old-skool gamers and ultramodern app-addicts alike.

The game was designed to make the most of the touch-screen capabilities of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, featuring a totally original interface that demands perfect timing and ruthless precision.

It’s intuitive enough that anyone can pick it up and understand the controls, but with a couple of clever twists that make mastering it rather more challenging.
Duck Hunt had its own unique visual style and cartoonish sense of humour, and we wanted Good Shot to be remembered for the same reasons. The graphics are on a totally different level, but the ducks look just as gormlessly comical as ever. What really adds to the gameplay, however, is the storyline we incorporated.

Good Shot is set in a redneck world, where you play as a shotgun-wielding, dungaree-wearing man-child who’s addiction to his Ma’s home-cooking has seemingly held him back in life. Whilst he might not have amounted to much in life, he sure knows how to pump a helpless animal full of lead.

The story mode has 5 levels (with 2 difficulty settings) that challenge you to bag enough ducks for Ma to make her famous pies, with a couple of offbeat adventures along the way. Completing the game unlocks the free-play arcade mode, where you can hone your skills until you’re the best hillbilly assassin this side of Alabama.