Designed by a type 1 diabetic and built by Tecmark Apps to help people with diabetes monitor their diet, glucose levels and medication.

The Diabetic Friend Diary app was developed by Tecmark Apps for Diabetic Friend. Designed by a type 1 diabetic, the app helps you monitor and manage your glucose levels, medication and a record of the food you have eaten. It also comes equipped with a comprehensive food database that is updated continually and provides nutritional information about many everyday foods and restaurant meals.

You can enter your daily food intake and convert that information into nutritional graphs and even email those directly to your GP from within the application.

Tecmark Apps was delighted to be involved with the project, which is simply a fantastic application of iPhone technology for those with diabetes. Diabetic Friend’s superb concept became a user-friendly, easy to navigate mobile application that we hope will benefit diabetes sufferers globally.