Puttluck ‘One of the Best iPhone Sports Games of 2011′

Puttluck features alongside Fifa and Tiger Woods as one of the best iPhone sports games of the year! During 2011, one of the many apps launched by Tecmark was Puttluck, a gyroscope based golf game. The app was widely praised, featuring as Pocket Lint’s app of the day and scoring a respectable 4/5 on their [...]

20 Reasons SEO is NOT Dead!

Anyone working in the SEO industry or any of the companies and websites who continue to depend on organic traffic to generate a large proportion of their revenue will be sick to the back teeth of hearing cries of ‘SEO is dead!’ Contrary to these ridiculous remarks, the corpse of SEO is not roaming a [...]

Tap to Pay – Will 2012 be the Year of Mobile Payments?

One important mobile milestone in 2011 has been the launch of Google Wallet, which in partnership with Mastercard PayPass presents the first real entry into the world of NFC-based mobile payments – the technology that allows shoppers to “tap to pay” with their mobile phone, replacing the need for cash or cards with a fast [...]

Google Schemer – What and Why??

Google announced Schemer last week (not to be mistaken with Schema, of course). Rather than trying to explain it myself, I’ll just share Google’s overview of it: “In Schemer, users create, share and do “schemes.” A scheme is any activity that can be done in the world, whether it’s ordering a favorite dish at a [...]

A Mobile Website is No Longer ‘Optional’

Smartphone uptake has been phenomenal in recent years. As a society we’ve simply become accustomed to having the Internet in our pockets. We expect it. We expect to be able to check train times, look up cinema times and even shop on our mobile devices, wherever we are and at whatever time of day we [...]

Google@Manchester – The Key Points

I was able to attend a Google hosted event in Manchester last Thursday in the form of Google@Manchester. It was a really amazing event with some incredible speakers and the content of the talks was very forward thinking. You know the sort of events that leave you buzzing with ideas when you leave? Well, it [...]