3D Wallpaper Pro for iPad and iPad 2!

We’re thrilled to have launched 3D Wallpaper Pro for iPad. Developed by Tecmark for iNetwallpaper.com Ltd, the application offers 8 distinctive, high resolution wallpapers for iPad and iPad 2 apps, with the ability to purchase more through in app purchasing. Without a doubt the finest looking wallpapers we’ve seen, all designed by Kevin Wolstenholme of [...]

Being Rewarded for Original Content

We’re forever banging on about original content and the recent Panda update seemed to confirm its importance as part of a sustainable SEO campaign. It’s not just about ‘unique’ content. It’s about original ideas. Simply rewording somebody else’s article or blog post doesn’t really cut it. One of the ways in which we’ve been encouraging [...]

Ranking for Your Brand Terms – Yes, it’s Essential!

We all know that the old adage, “build it and they will come,” really is a load of waffle when it comes to getting traffic to your website. Perhaps it would be more suitable to suggest build it, market it a lot, build a presence in the search engines, get yourself engaged in social media, [...]

We Love Panda

We posted a while back on Google’s February 2011 algorithm update. Known as ‘Panda,’ the update rolled out in the US in February, followed by the UK and the rest of the English speaking world just a couple of nights ago. This April 2011 rollout has given Google 2 months to incorporate some feedback as [...]