Why Keyword Density is Utter Rubbish!

There are countless SEO myths floating about. The fact of the matter is that, as Google’s exact algorithm is well under wraps, ranking factors will always be speculated upon. But few SEO myths irritate me as much as the keyword density myth. If you’ve read around on keyword density, you’ll have heard all sorts of [...]

Tecmark’s Creative League Squad!

The Tecmark five-a-side lads took a bit of a beating in the Creative Cup. Taking just 1 point in the tournament, conceding 18 goals and scoring just 5, it wasn’t our finest hour. There were excuses reasons – honest. Our star striker had the sniffles, our goalkeeper wore short sleeves (everyone knows you can’t dive [...]

Small Business SEO – Can You Really Compete with the Big Brands?

One of the most surprising things for any businesses embarking upon a SEO campaign can be the competitor analysis. It’s often the case that the companies you might traditionally consider your competition aren’t competing with you in SEO terms. In fact, it’s common to find that your biggest SEO competitors might even be companies you’ve [...]

The Difference Between SEO and PPC

Two of the most commonly applied Internet Marketing methods are SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (Per Per Click). But while both methods involve driving traffic to your site through search engines, the two are very different. The key difference is that SEO aims to enhance your site’s position in what is referred to as [...]

Choosing a SEO Company

Despite the title giving us a golden opportunity to blow our own trumpet here, we’re going to keep this informative. The SEO market is a certainly busy and many business owners will be familiar with cold calls or mailers from agencies looking to supply their services. But what should really look for when choosing a [...]

Tecmark Outranks Google?!

Ok, ok, so “Claim Google Places Listing,” isn’t exactly a competitive keyword. Not at all. But on Friday we blogged about that very thing and this morning if you type that phrase into Google… well see for yourself: Yes, we’re outranking Google (as of this morning at least) for a search containing one of its [...]

Tecmark is Exhibiting at Apps World

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at Apps World at the Olympia Conference Centre, London on 30th November and 1st December. Apps World will be bringing together the mobile application industry leaders for an event that will showcase the future of mobile. There’s an impressive line up of speakers too, including representatives from [...]

Claiming Your Listing in Google Places

One of Google’s more recent changes is placing a bigger emphasis on your local places listing! Google Places has long been a great (and free) way for businesses to, quite literally, get on the map. It’s been the case for quite some time that a local search (for example, when you search for a service [...]