Slight Update to Google Analytics Interface

It seems we’ve been treated to a slight update to the Google Analytics interface. The changes relate to the top nav. You used to get ‘Home,’ ‘Standard Reporting’ and ‘Custom Reports,’ as top nav options and would have to go to ‘home’ to see things like real time analytics or your custom dashboards and shortcuts. [...]

5 Things to Look Forward to in Digital Marketing in 2013

As we wave goodbye to Christmas and we wrap up the 2012 reporting, we’re starting to look forward to developments in digital marketing and mobile over the coming 12 months. Here are 6 things I’m expecting and looking forward to this year. 1. The Mobile Tipping Point 2010, 2011 and 2012 were all dubbed ‘the [...]

Attribution Modelling – What, Why and How?

Are you attributing your online sales or enquiries to the right marketing channels? If you’re using Google Analytics, you’re probably inclined to say ‘yes.’ I’d be inclined to tell you there’s a substantial chance you’re not.  That is because, by default, Google Analytics only tells us half of a story: According to Google’s data (as [...]

This Christmas is All About Multi Screen Shopping [Study]

‘Tis the season to be researching gift purchases on your iPhone and making the transaction on your tablet or desktop. So says Google! This month, the search Overlord released the study below, ‘Holiday Consumer Intentions.’ While the study is very much US centric, it’s a fair assumption that similar patterns will apply here in the [...]

Google’s Disavow Links Tool: Who’s it for?

Yesterday , Google’s very own spam fighting ninja geek, Matt Cutts, took to the stage at Las Vegas convention and announced that (at long last) Google has launched a tool to enable webmasters to disavow links. Shortly after, Google posted this confirmation. But what is this tool and who’s it aimed at? What is the [...]

Guaranteed Number 1 Rankings in a WEEK – An Infospamic

To use this on your own site, copy the text below and paste onto your webpage Infspamic by Tecmark SEO Spam Emails – The Bane of the Internet It never ceases to amaze us just how much spam both our clients and we get from people touting themselves as SEOs, offering a guaranteed number 1 [...]

Chrome for iOS – Oh So Shiny

It took all of three and a half minutes of using Google Chrome on my iPhone for me to replace the Safari icon on my dock with Chrome. I’m a fickle creature. But it’s so shiny functional! In a nutshell, here’s what’s to love:   Easy access to essential symbols It’s the small things that [...]

What’s the Difference Between Mobile and Non-Mobile SEO?

If you’ve looked up anything to do with m-commerce and SEO, you’ll probably have found conflicting information. Some people are considering it a separate entity from standard SEO while some say ‘mobile SEO doesn’t exist,’ at all. Let me tell you where I’m at: Mobile SEO does exist, insofar as search engine optimisation remains one [...]

Analysing YOUR Mobile Traffic

In the second post from our m-commerce month, we discuss how to assess the quantity of mobile traffic arriving at your ecommerce website and, more to the point, what this traffic is doing when it gets there! Just this morning, IBM released a report stating that a whopping 13.3% of online sales from Q1 of [...]

May is the Month of M-Commerce

We’ve been advocates of mobile as an essential part of a digital marketing campaign since 2009, when we began developing mobile apps and websites. Since then, we’ve seen the proportion of web traffic originating from mobile increase from 0.09% to over 20% in many cases! That’s an incredible increase and it’s showing no signs of [...]