PPC advertising is a measurable, high impact method of generating leads or sales online – but only if you get it right.

As a PPC agency, our PPC team has over 10 years’ experience in pay per click advertising and generates a healthy ROI for a range of clients in competitive sectors including finance, insurance, travel and gaming.

Multiscreen PPC – Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

Your customers are at the centre of our PPC strategy and they are interacting with as many as 3 or 4 screens during a buying cycle. Our PPC specialists have been working on mobile and multiscreen since 2009 so we’ve got years of experience in creating device specific campaigns based on your customers’ buying cycles and your business goals.

Our Approach to PPC

Research – understanding you, your competitors, the way users are searching for your products and services in Google and Bing and the devices they use in the buying cycle

Campaign structuring – ensuring we can quickly and easily identify the highest performing segments of the campaign and can channel budget effectively into them. Structuring the campaign correctly also enables us to most effectively target users based on the devices they are using, catering to users on desktops and laptops as well as tablets and mobile devices. It also allows us to enhance quality score and therefore lower click costs and ultimately CPAs.

Landing Page and Ad Copy Testing– We optimise ad copy and the landing pages for your goals and to make sure your potential new customers have a consistent experience. We are constantly testing ad copy and landing pages for the best results.

Remarketing and Targeting – PPC lets you get a second bite at potential customers who’ve already visited your site but didn’t convert. Through clever retargeting strategies, we can ensure you’re present at each stage of the buying cycle.

Budget Management – Frequently assessing budget allocation to ensure that budget is restricted on lower converting sections of the campaign and channelled most effectively into the most lucrative areas.

Reporting and Analysis – consistent reporting, reviewing the campaign’s performance in terms of the ROI and the elements of the campaign that performed the best. Data gathered during monthly reporting is used to plan the coming month’s strategy.

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