tecmark content training academy

Powerful content marketing training for your digital team

In a busy world, how do you attract today’s savvy consumer?

Everyone agrees – from traditional media agencies to social media specialists – that brilliant content is key.

The future of marketing is digital content, they say.

But we think that future is already here.

We’ve seen the SEO industry evolve from one more akin to media buying to one that is now a mix of creative, development and PR. So we had to adapt.

Shouldn’t you make sure you’re learning from the experts?

Leading the content revolution

At Tecmark we’ve taken this approach for a number of years.

Our team of designers, PR professionals and journalists deliver content campaigns for our clients.

And we’ve developed techniques and tools that help make our work more effective, more efficient, and more ROI-focused.

So whatever issue you’re facing, we’ve probably been there. And we’d love to help.

From content ideas to decisions about content types, quantity, discovery and measurement, you’ll benefit from our experience.

Crucially, that means you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Enroll now for the Content Training Academy

Our training course is a series of modules delivered in a workshop environment.

You will:

We’ll produce a bespoke training package to meet your needs.

And you can choose where to stage it – your place, or ours.

Want to know more?

Get in touch now and tell us your requirements.

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