Tecmark Stats

Content performance stats at your fingertips

Save time, energy – and measure your content performance better than ever

Do you feel bogged down measuring the performance of your content campaigns?

We know it can be a chore. Pulling data from numerous tools, adding them to a spreadsheet, formatting to make them look pretty – it’s a time-consuming process.

And that’s if you have access to the stats in the first place.

What if you could save all that time and energy?

What if you could direct your efforts into more productive tasks like planning, producing and promoting your content?

Introducing Tecmark Stats

Tecmark Stats is our answer to one of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers and agency workers.

Our system:

  • gathers data automatically via API from the market-leading data solutions for the URLs you want to track;
  • allows you to add URLs individually and group into campaigns to provide you with summarised performance stats;
  • can monitor multiple domains and campaigns in the system and flick between them with ease.

And, as you’d expect from Tecmark, it works perfectly on any device you use.

Free yourself

Get in touch today to see how Tecmark Stats can ease your schedule and solve your content reporting challenges.



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