The Tecmark 10 – with account manager Richard Bannister

Richard Bannister

Account manager Richard Bannister joined Tecmark in 2012. A former personal trainer from Whitehaven, he now acts as the main point of contact for Tecmark’s biggest clients. Follow Richard on Twitter.

1. What does your typical day look like?

It starts with breakfast provided by Tecmark – usually Weetabix with banana because I’m on a health drive – but, after that, anything goes.

I could be in client meetings, working on tenders and proposals, taking part in internal planning discussions or ensuring that Tecmark’s larger clients are getting the service and care needed to make sure their campaigns are a success.

2. What’s the most satisfying aspect of your work?

Having the opportunity to work alongside – and learn from – some of the brilliant colleagues here such as Stacey MacNaught, who’s at the forefront of the industry.

3. And the best thing about working at Tecmark?

Apart from the Weetabix and working with Stacey, it’s the variety of the job. I’m constantly challenged. Getting excellent work done for our clients, and making sure they’re happy, is another big thing for all of us.

4. You’ve recently been shortlisted for the Mancoolian 2015 Employee of the Year award. How surprised were you?

Very. Even though it’s a personal award, I see it more as team recognition. It’s the campaigns we’ve won and the growth of the business that’s getting Tecmark noticed, and I’m just lucky to have my name associated with that. Having said that, here’s the link to vote!

5. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned over the last 12 months?

I’m studying for a diploma in professional marketing and, as part of that, I’ve been writing marketing strategies and plans, which has given me an even greater understanding of our clients and their needs.

6. And what do you expect to be learning over the next 12 months?

We’re currently working on providing a service to work with in-house teams, so understanding clients’ in-house job roles and challenges will be something I’ll spend a lot of time on over the coming weeks and months.

7. From a new business point of view, what have been some of your best achievements at Tecmark?

We’re working with at the moment, which is a great campaign to be involved with. Elsewhere, teaming with the likes of and Assurant have also been highlights.

8. When you’re not busy cooking, how else do you relax away from work?

I play tennis and go to the gym, and probably spend too much time worrying about my personal appearance.

I also like to eat out regularly and love watching rubbish TV: The X-Factor’s just started at the moment and I like to imagine I’m the fifth judge.

9. What’s more satisfying – a Westlife key change or coming to work with no socks on?

Definitely no socks. No socks rocks. I’m sure it’s a trend that’s going to catch on, both in the office and elsewhere. Probably.

10. And finally… you’ve got a world ranking of 296 in touch tennis. When can we expect you to hit the top 100?

To be honest, I see myself more as a tennis doubles player. The south Manchester and north Cheshire winter league mixed doubles competition is coming up. It attracts all the big names and I’m busy making sure I’m ready for it.

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